Friday, February 26, 2010


OK truth be told I have none. Excitement that is. The most exciting thing going on is that I'm actually on the computer this evening. I had something specific I needed to do hence the visit. I've missed ya'll have you missed me? I didn't think so. That's ok though, I'm still not leaving. Ya want an update? I've been doing the same ol' same ol', the hubby is still in prison (as a corrections officer, still), the kid is kicking ass and taking names as usual. We had the mother in law out for a visit (that would be the hubby's mom who lives in San Diego) and I behaved. Seriously I totally did! Or at least the hubby didn't yell at me so I behaved well enough to avoid divorce and that's all that really counts right?

I'm still only visit the web by iPhone and it loads hella slow (I don't have a 3G and don't feel the need to run out and buy one either). So unless you are Twittering or friends with me on Facebook you probably think I've dropped off the face of the earth. This is my life, it's pretty bland but I'm old enough to know that not all excitement is a good thing. I'm still reading an average of 300+ pages a day. Which is probably something I should seek medical treatment for since it's not like I'm reading the Iliad, more like romance trash. Judge me if you will but the bubble gum fort he brain works for me.

I have plans though! Yes I do. I am going to a concert next weekend. You notice as you get old (oh yeah, I'm old) you never go out to concerts anymore? As a teen and young adult I went all the time. Now the last pop/rock one I went to was sometime in the 90's and I went to see No Doubt. I was in college and I swear me and my boyfriend at the time were the oldest people there not including all the parental chaperones that is. And now I remember why I don't go to concerts anymore right?

Well now that I've become a country music fan I have wanted to go to a concert. First it was Billy Currington who came to town. Kid you not, I didn't go because I couldn't find anyone who listened to country and was free. In Texas. OK obviously that is just beyond weird but regardless, I didn't go and to this day am bitter that the one and only girlfriend I have that listens to country didn't go with me. I heard on the radio that next week Chris Young was coming to the Cowboy's Dance Hall and I texted that same girlfriend. Told her that she was going with me and there was no bow out option. I also found a co-worker that is probably going (after I told her about it) so if all else fails I can always hang with her. Either way I'm not missing out on Chris Young. And after looking at his website I just realized he's a whopping 24 years old. Good lord he's a baby. And I'm sooo freaking old.....