Sunday, October 24, 2010

Please tell me why....

I have this running dialog in my head some times. There are random questions that come up. These are the ones that seem to repeat:

If you can't park your freaking car DON'T BUY IT.

Why do people think it's ok to roll out of bed, get dressed, and go out with just brushing their hair and teeth? If we're lucky? I don't like the smell of unbathed people, it's just gross. Bathe people BATHE! You stink no matter how used to the smell of yourself you are.

At what point of grossly obese does one look at ones self and say, Huh, maybe I should slow the gluttony? Seriously, 15-25 lbs of excess weight I can let slide. And even then it's pushing it but man, these people carrying so much extra weight they're losing the ability to walk? How do you let yourself get that way? Freaking terrifying.

It's October. Not even the end of October. Why do the stores no longer have Halloween stuff in them? Why is there only Christmas stuff up now? CHRISTMAS BLOWS. If you want my money you'd best celebrate Halloween until OCTOBER 31st. You know, Halloween day? Fucking morons.

If you have any other reoccurring random observations feel free to comment. I may even add to this list later...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have I mentioned lately?

Well now I couldn't have since I haven't posted lately huh? Yeah I know, whatever. I've been busy!

So it's October yes? It's the greatest month of the whole year. You know why? It's my kid's birthday month. It's also the month summer seems to loosen it's strangle hold on Texas (thank gawd). And the month that baking finally can be done because who wants to turn on the oven when it's over 90 degrees at midnight? Yeah not so much.

The month so far has been insanely busy. I feel like every weekend I do a thousand and one things and I still haven't finished what needs to get done. The hubby is gone this week for work training so that doesn't help any. If he's lucky when he comes home all the inhabitants of the house will still be alive (and probably fed too) and the house will not have burned down. The dishes, laundry, and poo picking up in the back yard will be waiting for him though. I get the kid to school on time every morning though (and fed!) and her homework gets done everyday. The trash went out on trash day and the recycling on recycling day and I need to get me another housewife because doing all this shit by myself is total and utter crap. The floors did not get done this week. But the kid was bathed every night (and fed).

I'm very neurotic about feeding things right now. I've got all these vivariums with different inhabitants, only 2 of which are on the same feeding schedule. The snakes (thank goodness) only eat once a week and that's now the hubby's job because his 2 new gray banded king snakes are 'nippy'. I watched them eat last week and those psychos strike at their food. My hand is not going in those cages oh HELL NO.
The dogs normally get fed in the am by the hubby and pm by the kid. I have to make a concerted effort to feed them in the am because it's not part of my regularly scheduled program. Hubby gone for the week jacks everything up, I don't do schedule changes well. Don't like it when the system gets messed with! All creatures of habit please raise your hands now...

This Saturday the kid turns 9. FREAKING NINE. WTF? I still remember putting her in pink footed sleepers. Jeez we're old. And we're trying to make another one? At this rate she'll be old enough to have kids before we can make another. Nothing like trying to defy mother nature...

This kid is awesome though. I know all parents say that but I have teachers and other parents go out of their way to tell me how great she is. Actually they say great and unique. Apparently our geek is genetic and she got a double dose. She's also very scientific which seems to impress grown ups. She loves it. Plus it's just damn cute.

We had her first parent teacher conference for this year Monday night, I'm always curious to see if her teachers find her interesting. I'm not worried about them liking her, they always adore her. She's one of those that stays friends with all of her past teachers through the years. It's wonderful to watch. The year her teacher went on about how she's one of the kids that a teacher remembers through the years.

Our kid is awesome, we rock.