Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A whole year of my blogging....sorry about that...

So very glad the year has come to an end. I'm not much of a holiday person (if you haven't noticed by now..) and since I am now at a job that doesn't seem to believe in giving holiday time off, like, at all, I am even less likely to enjoy it this year. Last year was the year of huge medical disaster but since I was unconscious for most of the bad stuff it really wasn't so bad for me. In fact, I think last year was a much more 'up' holiday season. Amazing how a recession is more depressing than an aneurysm isn't it? OK I probably can't say the same for the hubby, he had to survive it without the anesthesia which, granted, is probably not so fun. I think I shaved a few years off his life with that little unplanned fiasco, good thing he's tough.

With 2008 and all it's ups and downs, election year in the midst of Bush's war on...what is it we are over there for again? I am so not with politics. Electing our first black president is very cool and all, the defeat of Prop 8 sucked something awful, yet there was one shining silver lining to the polluted cloud that was politics this year, Margaret and Helen started a blog. Someday I want to grow old and be just like Helen, she's the one in Austin. Margaret is less...punchy and more conservative. I'm just never going to be narrow minded the way the conservative Republicans want us all to be, sorry about that. Oh wait, no I'm not. Suffice to say, election years bite and I am really really glad it's OVER. I don't think I've ever been so ready for a year to be over. And oh GAWD stop it with the Palin crap. That woman needs to take a long walk off a short pier. She's like the younger female version of Bush, terrifying in the best of lights.

OK moving on from the political crap...

This was the first full year I've had blogging. Of course I think I've written enough to make up for the previous 34 years (395 posts, I started on 9/9/07) but hey whose counting? I think most people mark their mile stone posts with something like a give away but I'm poor so all you guys get is more blathering, sorry. I have started changing my backgrounds more often, is that good enough? Tell me if it's annoying, I like being annoying. I started this blog for my scrapbooking, so when I wanted to show people on the scrapping forums something that I did they could look here at the details. So how long has it been since I've posted a scrapping thing? Did I even show you guys the cards I made for Christmas? No? My bad. I made them, and mailed them all off on time too(small seasonal miracles do happen...). So slowly this blog turned into my rambling space, again, sorry about that. But I like it so this is where it's going to continue going.

My readers (what, all 6 of you?) are all lovely people. Well at least I know the ones who comment are lovely, the lurkers are(and I know you're out there, my FEEDJIT tells me you are), at the very least, regular, and seem to like my abuse seeing as how ya'll keep coming back. I don't mind your lurking, really, my bloggy love is endless. The few of you who chose to stick your neck out there and email me directly have become great friends and I do totally and completely love the fact that I've been able to meet ya'll, even if only on the internets. I know I'll be seeing Train Wreck irl sometime in the relatively near future, she's looking into moving to these here parts. See? Me and the hubby aren't the only ones who think San Antonio is a nifty place to live! It's just a little hot in the summer is all. Trailboss probably doesn't get down to see her brother ever and I dunno about me going back to the east coast but hey, one never knows.

I like the thing that Bossy did where she drove across country and stayed with all of her blogging friends in different cities. Of course I don't know if I could convince a car brand to give me their cars to take across country but again, never say never. And then, I am a total homebody, that really lessens the chance of me taking off and going across the country. Oh and I hate traveling, I am like fine linen, I don't travel well. Love the idea. The reality? Not so much. Call me flexible. Oh who are we kidding, I can't even sit on the floor cross-legged. If I was though I'd go on an around the states visit. No really, I would. Totally. You know if I didn't have a kid and a husband that does shift work that makes it impossible to do anything at all 4 out of every 8 days oh and a mortgage, who knows, I might just flit off into the sunset.

Ultimately though I think the main point is that I really really like having my own little slice of the internet. Vanity you think? Maybe, it would make sense. Ever notice how many female bloggers there are compared to male? I mean they do have an organization called Blogher right? Is there a Bloghim? I don't think so but her I've been wrong before. Don't tell the hubby I said that. It's been a decent year, I don't wanna end it with the hubby thinking I'm admitting I'm wrong on occasion or anything...

I’m sorry Carhartt, whassat?

And if this isn’t real proof that I came from a big city I don’t know what is. When my hubby came home from work on cold ass day after working in the tower for the first time he realized why they had told them all to dress warm every day. The tower is that tower they have at prisons where there is a gun and they watch from above, you know what I’m talking about right? I’m just going on what I see on tv because, believe it or not, I’ve never actually been to a prison. Nor do I intend ongoing anytime in the near future. Still I know what he’s talking about when he says tower and I’m assuming that since he also mentioned ‘ice’ that it was kinda cold up there. Yeah so, jacket anyone? He doesn’t have a heavy one, we’re from So Cal, we moved to south central Texas, who needs a heavy coat?
So I tell him he should get a nice heavy Carhartt jacket. He says “A what?” I say “You know, a Carhartt.”. He has no idea what the hell I’m talking about. I told ya’ll he was a blue blood didn’t I? And for awhile there I was thinking I am just so blue collar compared to him. And then his mom came to visit for this past week. We went to Bass Pro on Sunday because it’s fun and entertaining for the kids (damn it’s like Disney’s California Adventure in there) and, more importantly, it’s free. Well as long as you don’t buy anything, which we didn’t. Anyway I pointed out the cute little children's Carhartt duck coveralls (bibs?) in wee little sizes. And she asked me what Carhartt was and was it a Texas brand. Oh see now I know I married above my station now. Hello? Her husband’s parents used to own a dairy farm for crying out loud. Not like she’s seen it mind you, it was gone awhile before they were married, but she is married to a man that I am absolutely 100% sure has something Carhartt in his closet. Not a lot, maybe just a few items but I know he’s got some.
Now I decide that maybe it’s a San Diego thing, we don’t have a whole lot of ‘country’ out there but there is some. No really, I know there are cowboys out there, we city folk just don’t associate with them. Hey come on, my house was walking distance to the beach. The town was called Ocean Beach, just how many cows and horses do you think I’ve run into in my childhood, much less those who play with them? Alright but I know what Carhartt is and I still have never touched a cow in my life (and no, I’ve never worked on a farm, gah!). I’ve touched a horse but that was in Maryland and they were dressage/hunter jumper horses (my instructor and her horse is located here). I don’t think anyone with Carhartt clothing ever touched them. Really, they were snob horses. Thanksgiving morning their owners would dress up in these frou frou outfits, red riding jackets, white riding pants, black velour hats, and white gloves, tall black riding boots. They would then, no lie, get up on these horses, grooms would be serving hard liquor on trays, hounds baying, and then they go fox hunting through the woods. No shit people still do that. In America. We’d have those damn hunt hounds running about the neighborhood (ranch homes, several acres each, not mine) for like a week afterwards and have to help round those dumbasses up. No I don’t think anyone out there wore Carhartt. I know I didn’t and who do you think was taking care of those horses? Yeah me, the lowly help that lived in the basement with the propane tank.

So I ask a girlfriend of mine in San Diego, do you know what Carhartt is? NO? OK then, maybe it’s a San Diego thing. But you know, we all know what Wrangler is and we don’t wear them either. No self respecting San Diegan would wear Wranglers, oh hell no. The fashion police would have a coronary. So the fact that she didn’t know what Carhartt seemed to be more indicative of the fact that it’s a San Diego thing and not a blue blood thing. Of course we chat a bit longer, I send her the Carhartt link and she says ‘oooohhh, those’. Ah see, she does know it! But (you knew there was a ‘but’ coming right?) her bff from high school happens to be a cowboy and she said he wears that stuff. Cheating right? Now how many kids from San Diego high schools grow up to be cowboys? 1? Yeah I think he’s the only one, really.
Which brings me to the end of my post, a question really. How the hell do I know Carhartt? Yes, I’ve lived in a couple of different places and driven across the country a few times but never real country, no cowboys to speak of. Hey I live in Texas and I’ve never met a real cowboy, man that’s sad. But my friend with the cowboy bff, she lived in Colorado for many years. Now my hubby? He lived in Florida for like 6 months and has driven across the country once or twice. Still he hasn’t really lived anywhere other than San Diego and now San Antonio. And just for the record, none of our neighbors are actually from Texas so we may live in suburbia but not in the country by any means. Our subdivision used to be a ranch, no country here anymore though so it’s not something we’d be exposed to out here. Sure we see a cow ever now and then wandering on the property around us but we're still city folk enough to moo every time we do see them.
Oh and if you’re wondering, no Texas has no cowboys in the cities. I don’t think they even come to visit anymore. We have a rodeo but it’s cheesy. We’ve been once and it’s pretty lame, the San Diego Fair (i.e. Del Mar Fair) is waaay better. Speaks volumes huh? And I do see the occasional guy that is what is called a ‘drug store cowboy’, gawd they look stupid. HUGE hat, belt buckle and belly. Stupid boots and they walk with this duck footed swagger, it’s hard not to laugh when you see one. I mean you know they’ve never gotten up on a horse much less touched a cow. Ever. In their lives. But I also bet they do know what Carhartt is right? OK maybe not.

And here I thought the Carhartt name to clothes is what John Deere is to lawn mowers. Ya’ll know John Deer right? Right? Hello did anyone last this long? No? Alright I’ll try to ramble less next time. HAHAHAHA, not.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A recant, and a review. Of sorts...

Well the peer pressure got to me and I folded. Yes that's right, peer pressure does work, even on us semi well balanced adults. Back in October I ripped on social sites such as My Space and Facebook. Now mind you I had only really experienced My Space and I still, to this day, think it sucks ass. Because it does. If you have never played with it don't, if you have an account you should let it die before it gives your computer a horrible disease because it will. OK I hate My Space, did ya get that? Yeah so I had others that said I should try Facebook because it's totally different. And within a week I had at least 3 other people ask me if I was on it and want to show me pictures there. Which I couldn't see because you have to log in. Damn it. Really what were the chances though? 3 people in a week?

I still did not relent though, I had them copy the pis and email me. Today though I had my girlfriend ask me if I had an account (she had pics she wanted me to see) and of course I said no. I signed in on someone else's account to see them and decided that it was probably time to try it out and hell, if it was as nasty as My Space would just delete it. If it let me right? So I did, I signed up.

OMG did you see that? Hell just froze over.

So my summation of the process. Insanely simple, is nothing like My Space other than the fact that you have friends. It finds the friends for you, pulls them from your gmail account, asks you which ones you want to add as friends. You only have friends that you want to add, it doesn't have pretty fancy stupid things all over the damn page making it hard to read or navigate. It asks you what high school you went to and then gives you a list of other Facebook-ers that graduated from your class and gives you the option of adding them. It'll do the same for your college only it's too big to just spit out an enormous list so you don't have to look at them all, I didn't. I have yet to even look at the options it has available, I'm sure there's a ton but I am at work and have to do work stuff (like blog right?) but I'm sure I'll look into it eventually.

It may be the fact that this is a holiday week, it may be the fact that my generation is glued to the internet but within maybe 10 minutes I had no less than 15 'friends' approve my request to be their friend. Is that the right terminology? Yeah whatever, anyway it was easy, simple and more importantly it fills a need that is not like the blog or email. I use the word 'need' loosely here. No one needs Facebook but it's not like My Space which was like a disorganized blog/email/im thing. I like gmail as my email/IM/chat and Blogger as my blog space and I am not looking to replace either. Facebook doesn't so I will allow it to continue it's existence in my own little world. Until it does something to piss me off and then I'll dump it like an ex.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jeans, the bane of my life

I know with the new year every one makes some sort of resolution to diet, get in shape, blah blah blah. I don't diet, I don't believe in starving myself, I believe in exercise, which I don't do either, shhhh. Now mind you I grew up in So Cal, my diet is really good compared to 99.999% of Texans, most in the south east really. So consequently I don't have any sort of major weight problems and find it easier than many to stay at the same spot weight wise. Not saying I've got flat tummy mind you, last time I had one was after brain surgery and losing like 15 lbs in the hospital. Side note, if you need to lose weight this is not the way to do it.

I am so against stressing out about weight I do not, never have and never will, own a scale at home. I don't really care what my numerical weight is I care about how I fit and look in the clothes I wear everyday. For the most part I don't wear any tight clothes, I believe in fit before fashion. The only 'tight' things I own are my jeans and they aren't that tight. They are tight enough that I can gauge my weight changes by how well or not so well they fit. Lets put it this way, they have never been lose on me and they are looser on that model in the picture than they are one me. She's built more like a tall stick, me, I'm more like a short mid thirties soccer mom. I like the way they look on, it's one of my little vanities, I have a bootie and in some jeans my butt looks great, in others, not so much. It makes jean shopping hell (and yeah, I know I'm not the only one out there that hates shopping for them) and once I find a style I like I buy like 3 of them and call it a successful year.

It's been awhile since I've worn my jeans, I wear scrubs to work so weekdays are out. Weekends I'll wear knit pant because it's the weekend and comfort is a priority. Now let me mention something about the jeans, I have to wear them with a belt because of where the ones I like sit on my waist like at the widest point. They are supposed to be 'mid-rise' (so the label says) but for me they are barely that. Really now, mid-rise? Mid what rise? Since I am allergic to metal and the back of the metal button of the jeans and (usually) the belt buckle is made of metal they both will cause a vile rash that oozes on my tummy right below my belly button so I have to wear a Bella Band when wearing jeans. I posted about the band awhile ago and I do love it but it makes wearing jeans more tedious since I can never remember where I put the dang thing last time I wore it. I'm disorganized like that.

So today I decided I wanted to wear jeans, located my Bella Band and then chose my darkest/newest pair of Lucky's. I then thought, odd I never had these ones tailored and I thought they were the exact same ones that I had before (all of which were so long they had to be shortened by like 3"). So I looked at the labels of all of my jeans that I prefer. I have 5, 3 are Lucky brand, 2 are Ralph Lauren. All in each brand fit me the same in length and waist. 2 of the Lucky's are size 8 regular and had to have 3" in length taken off so I can walk in them. The 3rd pair of Lucky's (newest darkest) are a size 6 and have never been altered. They also fit me the same as the size 8's. Huh, go figure. Then I looked at the Ralph Laurens, one is a size 8 and the other a size 6 neither have been altered. Again, both fit the same. How do these manufacturers expect women to find any sort of mental stability if they can't give us 1 size that we fit in? I don't have magic Harry Potter hips (much to my dismay) and each of the jean brands are not different jean styles, the 3 Lucky's are the same style, the 2 Lauren's are the same style too. Oh and before you ask the answer is hell no, I can't afford regular price Lucky's and Ralph Laurens. I bought them at Costco when they randomly show up there. Good God the price they put on denim nowadays is obscene, highway robbery! I think I paid $39.99 for these things and I balk at that price even. I blame it on vanity, Levi's are cheaper but they don't look nearly as good on me. So I guess I could blame it on my ass as much as I can my vanity huh?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Food on TV

I rarely watch tv although we almost always have the tv on in the back ground. Probably a result of my upbringing, my dad was a tv addict. When I do watch tv, or it's my choice in channels to have on in the back ground, I'll put it on Food Network. It's a nice neutral, non negative channel that will never have anything on that might be too much for the kid and don't even get me started on the news. I find network news too disturbing for me, I don't even know how old the kid will have to be before I'm ok with her watching it.

So Food Network it is and lets face it, they've got some great personalities on there. I love Alton Brown, he pleases the chemist in me. And Giada De Laurentiis? She is so lovely and that smile! She's my hubby's fav, her and Rachel Ray. He likes the girls with the happy smiles. Then Guy Fieri, he's got some great finds, and Duff at Ace of Cakes, I love his cast/coworkers. Have you noticed that Mary has gotten a helluva lot bigger lately? Yeah well must be a working in a cake shop thing.

I was thinking today of what tv cook was the first one I watched regularly and realized it was looong before the Food Network existed, it was like the early 90's. I was obviously a very young closet wannabe foody. My first inspiration was Jeff Smith of Frugal Gourmet fame (infamy?). Does anyone remember him? Anyone? No? I can't possibly have young readers on this blog, I'm just not that entertaining, all real life, no fluff here. Nothing the younger generations are interested in.

I remember he was the one who taught me that you shouldn't scrape food off of the cutting board with the sharp side of the knife but with the back of the knife (dulls the blade if you use the sharp side). One would think that would be totally obvious and yet watch the chefs on Food Network sometime, all of them use the blade of the knife to scrape their boards. Ah well, they get them for free right? You know he left tv amidst a scandal of sexual harassment charges? Two guys on his show accused him of sexual harassment in the 70's but he was never charged. It did end his career though which is sad in and of itself. Even worse, if it happened today I doubt it would have tarnished his career much. Ah where has the world gone.

Do you all realize how long most of us have been watching tv for and, even more surprising, how it has changed things in your own home? Recipes, design tips, oh and the commercials? 90% of the cereals the kid chooses are from a commercial, they work really well on the young ones. Whenever the Time Warner cable commercials come on she makes sure it's the cable we have. It is but only because we have no other choice. Free market my ass...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ma, wassup with dat?

I'm pretty sure I psecifally ordured a single oc-q-pantsy cell. Who da cellie?

Ah the wonders of sharing one's space. The little man, Corbie, for some reason not only thinks he's top dog, but thinks he needs to live in poor Roxy's apartment. Actually that particular crate is the most popular crate going in our house. If Jayne wants to nap in a crate (which they all often do when we are home and the crate doors are left open) he also chooses Roxy's crate over the others. Well technically he can't fit in Corbin's. Of course I didn't think Roxy couldn't fit in Corb's either (he has the 18" crate) I mean she's a good 55 lbs and 36" at the shoulder, fitting her in would be impractical at best, an entertaining exercise in physics at worst. At one point she decided that she was going to defy the laws of physics (when we first set the wee crate up) and she went right in it. (?) Crazy dog, we were like OMG Roxy get out! And she didn't even lay down in it because she couldn't, her legs didn't have room to bend. Instead she turned around and came back out. And had I not been there to see it myself I would not have believed it. It was like watching one of those really cool magic tricks where you see it happening but you don't know exactly how the laws of physics were able to bend enough to let it happen. I mean she turned around in a box that was not only too small but too short to technically accommodate her size. Really I can probably calculate the area inside the crate and if it's larger than the area she occupies I'd be very surprised. Taking into consideration her knees, elbows and tail nub though, I still don't see how she did it.

I can, however, tell you why. You see, it may not seem like it but she is the head bitch of the dogs. She doesn't play with any of the dog toys but dang it all if Jaynie (the toy nut) isn't playing with some odd toy or another and she will steal it right out of his mouth and play with it right in front of him. He'll stand and stare at her and wait for her to be done with it. Which she never will be as long as he's waiting for it. Otherwise she'll just drop it and walk away. If he's staring though, forget it, she'll play forever. Total B-I-T-C-H. So the crate was just an extension of this, all the dogs were watching us set it up (it took what, 15 seconds?) and as soon as it was up it was hers. Beeoootch. And a dumb one at that. Little itty bitty 18" crate was not meant for a full grown boxer.

Since then though, Corbie has grown into a bad case of little man's syndrome and likes to push Roxy around. And she totally ignores him. She should kick his ass but it doesn't seem to be worth her effort I suppose. I really wish she would though because he hangs off of her face skin like a rock climber that only uses his teeth. Someday he's going to end up piercing her jowls, the brat. Oddly though whenever she lays down to take a nap somewhere (which is often) be it in the little wee little round dog bed, her crate, upstairs on the carpet, he will always always always choose to go sleep on her. Not near her, or even next to her. No he has to be on her, like he's stealing her heat. I think he was weaned too young. It's kinda justice anyway, Roxy has boundary issues, girlfriend will stick to you or pound you with her muzzle until you allow her to take over your lap and try inserting her head up your nostrils. It's about as annoying to us as he is to her.

3 of 5....

....2 to go and the stomach flu will have tagged everyone in the house this holiday. I'm at work (and was Christmas Eve too) so I'm probably low on the threat list but dang, I hope the mil doesn't get it when she leaves. Nothing like being sick on a plane. So far she and I are the last 2 left which is probably indicative of neurotic motherly cleanliness. I woke this morning to the sound of dd's cousin puking in the shower. I suspect he'll be in the shower for awhile, poor guy. This is a pretty darn virulent bug, we've been diligent about keeping everything really clean and not sharing food, etc but is still hasn't finished coming at us.

Did I mention how much I love the holiday season? Yup, really love the season. I'm going to hang out at work today for as long as I can. We're working a skeleton crew today anyway so I know there aren't any sick people here...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

And on Christmas morn...

...we were up. At like 1 am, 2 am, 3 am and so on. The kid slept in until like 8 and only woke her Nanni (pronounced nonni and that would be my mil) and her cousin. She was all better from her stomach flu thing but starting at 1 am her daddy had started with it. Which is why we got no sleep in our room. I swear we need to do something about this man's immune system. In the meantime me and my mil are worried that even with our sterilization techniques of all the surfaces that we might get it. So we are eating as much as we can in hopes that at least we can enjoy the holiday food right now. The good news is that we didn't do Christmas dinner tonight, on Christmas. For whatever reason Nanni wanted to do it on Christmas Eve so we did. Hey she made the meal she can serve it up whenever she wants. As long as I don't have to make it! I worked Christmas Eve and will be working again tomorrow. I don't know why places that are not retail insist on being open these days, they are empty. Not even the pediatrician was open on Christmas Eve, why the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic? What a waste of everyone's time, barely any patients to speak of. They were either out shopping, cooking, or at the very least with their families!

We have had a good day though, of lounging and playing with the dogs. The cousin is my crazy dog's fav person in the whole world. Don't ask me why but Jayne thinks tweens are the best aged people. They are constantly out in the back yard playing or romping around the house like lunatics. Jaynie looooves playing with him. It makes me happy, seeing the big loon acting like a normal well balanced animal. Like we all know he's not but can feel like it on these rare occasions. The neighbor's older son came over with a small food gift and Jayne greeted him at the door and didn't try to kill him. Yeah this makes no sense to me. I was upstairs in the shower or I would have had the dogs outside, my mil doesn't know that the dogs aren't to greet people at the door because Jayne will eat them. I don't know why he didn't, really. Jayne has met the kid before and tried to eat him then. We were outside just returning from a walk, Jayne was on leash and the boy was returning a dvd that we loaned him. He came up and before he got within Jayne reach I went to tell him to stay back but the kid got just with in Jayne mouth reach as the words were leaving my mouth. He didn't break skin (Jayne never does, just grazes teeth) but he did startle the kid, I mean he was biting, lunatic dog. So why was Jayne ok with him coming over? I have no idea. We have company over and normally this throws Jayne off enough to try killing the other dogs randomly and anyone coming to the door too. I think he's just happy he's got the cousin over to gleefully play with. See cousin is not only the dd's fav person in the whole world but Jaynie's too. I'm going to start working on getting his mom to let us have him. They are having big problems at home so you never know, I may get that second kid after all. One can always hope!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cookies, nostalgic thanks, egg nog, and oh the kid is feeling better

...and we are waiting to get them TO BED, it's nine friggin thirty. And we want to watch our Bones and get the rest of the stocking stuffers wrapped. Ah the plight of parents on Christmas Eve.

I made cookies this evening, Mexican Wedding Cake cookies aka Italian Wedding Cake aka Russian Tea cookies. I was planning on making P Dub's chocolate candy cane cookies, they look insanely tasty. But my mood changed, as it tends to do, I blame it on estrogen. I also used all of the butter making the Mexican Wedding Cake cookies so I couldn't very well make them along with the others. Especially since it was 8:30 on Christmas Eve, no stores open tonight!

I did have an interesting moment while making the cookies, kind of a late Thanksgiving moment but ya'll know me, I am not into the classic holiday things on time so it didn't surprise me any. It was a 'thankful I am here and able to listen to my family play cards and harass each other on Christmas Eve this year' kind of moment. This time last year, as my long term readers probably know, I was just home from the rehab hospital and feeling only a tad bit slow. Emergency brain surgery will do that to ya. We had crammed in all of the holiday preparations into 2 weeks prior to Christmas, shopping for the tree when I had a weekend furlough from the rehab hospital. I was able to make (yes, by hand) all of my Christmas cards and address them and mail them before the 20th, only having been home for a week. Our friends had been helping out my family with food and the like while I was in the hospital and when I got back they randomly showed up to see how we were. At one point they all gathered together to surprise us with Christmas carols and gift cards which helped us immensely to get through the holiday and buy presents for the kid. There really is nothing quite like the love of our neighbors, they are the most stellar people in the entire world. Worth 10 times their weight in platinum.

And I got all thankful for this while I was making cookies. There really is no telling when a woman gets emotional now is there? Maybe it was because today the dh made his renowned egg nog, the good stuff, eggs, brandy, rum, heavy cream, the whole nine. I don't touch the stuff, I hate the taste of alcohol but those that do love it. So we went next door to deliver a bottle of it to the neighbors, they are the sweetest people, and stayed and hung out for a bit. Their youngest son is having some problems and had just been released from the hospital himself. They have 2 extremely nice teen boys and it makes us sad that the younger one is having problems. I wish we could do something to help but I think the sight of him being home and doing all right reminded me of where I was at last year. He's medicated right now and you can kinda tell, I mean if you have known him for a bit he seems groggy. Again, kinda like where I was at last year. Remind me whenever the doctors think they want to put me back on depressants the answer is hell the fook NO. I have an appointment on the 4th to go back to the neurologist, she doesn't know I weaned myself off my meds and I know she's going to have a hissy fit. Like I care, she should have returned my phone calls.

Anyway, making cookies made me thankful for where I am at today, rough economy and all. Even with the mother in law visiting. Hey normally I'd be bitchy about it and this time I made a point of telling the hubby that I was excited about her coming! He thought his wife had been abducted by aliens I'm sure. I love her but she kinda takes over, you know the type? Yeah and you know me, I'm a bit too dominant myself and I really prefer my child thinks I'm the mom and my husband remembers that keeping me happy should be a priority. It was a serious point of contention back when we lived in San Diego so I'm still a bit sensitive about it. Yup I'm one of those bad daughter in laws that doesn't like not having her toes stepped on. Fancy that! But I was excited about her coming this time. This time I was with it enough to clean the house. I know, I know, I should be cleaning the house normally but ya know, 2 working parents, a kid who has to level in her next reading level in 3 weeks, a hubby that has stupid work hours. Dude, the house looks like hell normally and we're too tired to care. Also the mil was bringing dd's cousin, the light of the dd's life, the sun in her little universe, as a surprise. I was so excited that her holiday was going to be made this year after my brain almost ruined it last year. Yeah, I had reason to be happy about the coming of my mother in law. Plus she's been cooking like crazy lately and it's good. Not everything she makes is a favorite of mine but I've been really loving not going out and getting food like we do more often than I like. Making dinner takes a bit of time, as does shopping for the ingredients. There are just not enough hours in the days sometimes.

Going to sleep on Christmas Eve in a thankful kinda way, may all of your Christmases be a happy happy day!


We managed to wrap presents last night. And when I say we I mean me and the mother in law. I don't know what the hubby was doing but he usually doesn't wrap the presents for Christmas. I distinctly remember one year where he went to bed on Christmas Eve and I stayed up for at least 2 more hours wrapping the damn presents. And he wonders why I hate this holiday so friggin much.

I'll have to say though, the tree looks much better with all the presents under it. And since we lagged so hard this year it'll only be for 36 hours before it gets all torn apart. We did open 1 present last night after the kids went to sleep. Yeah that's right, we opened one.

You see the mother in law is a fan of the Kathy Reichs books and when the Bones episodes started she was very disappointed because she thought the main character was all wrong. Well it turns out that's not what they were trying to do with the show, the main character in the show was not supposed to be the main character in the book, she was supposed to be Kathy Reichs, see the difference? Yeah well it took a bit of convincing to sway the mother in law but now she's hooked. Every time she comes to visit we stay up late and night and watch Bones episodes. So for Christmas she bought us the next box, season 3? Yeah season 3. And we went one night of her here with the kids up late so we didn't open the box then. But Christmas Eve eve, yeah we were all over it. She loves the stuff but her husband doesn't so the only time she gets to watch it is when she does the marathon sessions when visiting us. We figure we can watch the whole thing in the next 5 days. Yeah parental bonding time, new school.

Oh and the kid, she still isn't doing well. Hasn't puked yet but she slept for such a long time and has had so little to eat that she's weak. The hubby may take her to the pediatric urgent care if she doesn't do better after getting something in her stomach (no more hot dogs..). All the doctors offices are closed today so pediatric urgent care is our only option, I've never been there. Whatcha wanna bet it'll be packed today? I hope she feels better with something in her system.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Easy peasy cookie recipe

For all those that are having a problem getting through the holidays...


1 cup water
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup brown sugar
4 large eggs
1 cup nuts
2 cups dried fruit
1 (750 ml) bottle tequila (Jose Cuervo or your other favorite brand)


1. Sample the tequila to check quality.
2. Take a large bowl; check the tequila again to be sure it is of the highest quality.
3. Pour one level cup tequila and drink.
4. Turn on the electric mixer.
5. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl.
6. Add one peastoon of sugar.
7. Beat again.
8. At this point it's best to make sure the tequila is still ok, so try another cup just in case.
9. Turn off the mixerer thingy.
10. Break 2 leggs and add tothe bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit.
11. Pick the frigging fruit off the floor.
12. Mix on the turner
13. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaters justpry it loose with a drewscriver.
14. Sample the tequila to check for tonsisticity.
15. Next, sift two cups of salt, or something.
16. Who geeves a sheet.
17. Check the tequila.
18. Add one table.
19. Add a spoon of sugar, or somefink.
20. Whatever you can find.
21. Greash the oven.
22. Turn the cake tin 360 degrees and try not to fall over.
23. Don't forget to beat off the turner.
24. Finally, throw the bowl through the window, finishthe quetila and make sure to put the stove in thewishdasher.
25. Cherry Mistmas !

And they're here!

No not the boobs, and no they aren't mine either, it's a t-shirt for sale at our fav pub. Sorry I felt like putting a pic up and I liked this one best.

The mother in law and nephew (the sun in the little universe my daughter lives in) arrived last night. He was a surprise for her and she was very excited. We were going to go to dinner on the way home to my mil's fav burger place here but it turned out to be closed on Monday nights. Wassup with that? So we had to go with a back up plan, The Flying Saucer. If you are local to one I HIGHLY recommend the place. And I don't even drink. But the waitresses are all college age girls with super little mini school girl plaid skirts and knee high sock. Yeah I may not play for the other team but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate the t&a. Man and was it packed there too. Monday night and all, don't ask me why cause I do not know.

Anyway there were no open tables so we asked a lone guy who had a table and no one else with him if we could share and he was nice enough to be ok with the couple, grandmother, and 2 kids. The good news is he was smart enough to finish his beer and food before our little party started falling apart. The dh took the kids next door to the book store while we waited for the food, they are not the fastest with food there. Mostly because it's a pub, food is there but people mostly go for the beer. The dh and I are losers, he loves beer but we go for their french dip. It's served with a Guiness au jus that is just fabulous. We all love it and we ordered it for the kid too because it's her favorite.

Did I mention that the kid has had a runny nose for like 2 weeks? Hold on, that comes into play in a minute. School age kids during the holiday season, little disease infested monsters. Anyway as we were being served dinner the kid looks at us and says she's not feeling well. Er, ok kid what's wrong? It's at this point I should have known something bad was going to go down. The kid rarely says she's not feeling well while we're out. Certainly not while she's with her favorite person in the whole wide world. She can usually suck it up and ride the adrenaline high for hours. At that point she was looking rather peek-ed. Yeah not so hot. She starts on her sandwich, maybe takes a little bite and then comes over to talk to her daddy. At which point she proceeds to puke all over the floor of the pub. Probably the most non-alcoholic vomit that has ever hit that floor right? The guy who had sat next to us and had already left had a bowl of hot wings and his bowl was still at the table so I gave the dh it for her to puke in. She had already puked most all over the floor and so he proceeded to take her to the bathroom to clean up.

She came back to the table and sat, she was ok looking and still hungry so she ate some french fries and managed to make it through dinner. We drove to go pick up the dh's car afterwards (he picked me up at work and we left his car near the freeway) and by the time we stopped the kid was ready to puke again. She didn't have a fever and when she wasn't puking she seemed fine. The best we could figure is a combo of post nasal drip and the excitement had set her off. We got home and let her have a jello. She couldn't keep that down either poor thing. We put her to bed and she survived last night pretty well.

Today she only threw up once, when the dh fed her a hot dog. A hot dog? WTF was he thinking? Fat and grease combined with heavy food, lovely! Sure she can keep that down. Why not a fruit smoothie or something without grease? Good god you'd think he never had a puking kid on his hands. His mom was with him too, you'd think it'd occur to her. Obviously not. So this evening she was given a few pieces of potato and cooked squash and she's kept that down fine. I know she was hungry today but damn, a hot dog? Christ people please, like she needs to puke more.

Right now she has fallen asleep on the couch. I mean asleep and she is not one of those kids that can fall asleep anywhere. Anything and everything usually wakes this child. She has always been like that, even as an infant she needed complete and utter silence to sleep or she scream her head off wailing away. It was awful and no amount of training would get her to sleep through tv, phone ringing, and don't tell me about those kids that sleep to the vacuum. No way in hell. So I know she's not feeling good tonight, her daddy just carried her up to bed and she didn't wake. Normally that doesn't work. At all. And yet she sleeps on. She's obviously not feeling well. And for Christmas! With her cousin here! Poor girl. I hope she rebounds ok, fortunately she's pretty much ok during the day. As long as they don't feed her hot dogs or chitlins...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Security blanket, and if this doesn't label me as a geek...

Yeah this really is the ultimate geek-y admission I have. And here you all thought it was that I was a lover of math as an art form. Nah, that's child's play, this one is really geeky. When I left the science world 3 years ago now? I left my college books with my girlfriend/coworker Donna who hasn't got a college degree (she's working on it) but learned it all by working, on the job training as it were. Didn't think you could do that in the world of science? As I understand it you can't anymore, she got lucky and started out early and worked her way up to lab tech. I left my books with her because I figured they'd go to waste if I kept them, at least she's going to college.

Now realize in the world of science you actually use these books as reference. Horrifying isn't it? That all of those terrible books you despised in college would come back to haunt you for the rest of your days? If you were a psych major or an english lit major you wouldn't have this problem. Chemistry? Yes you need that book stuff.

My most hated, most abhored nasty horrid class, the only one I got a tutor for (and it didn't help at all, sadly) and barely passed was Physical Chemistry. The only science that I didn't like at all was physics, just did not get that class but I passed it. Mix it with chemistry and you have P Chem and it's all theoretical, yuck! It even has math mixed in with it but at a level that wasn't required for chemists and I didn't have time to take that math class. Differential equations (diff E-Q) was what came after Calculus II and I only got as far as Calc II. So they teach the P Chem class assuming that you know Diff E-Q and if you don't you need to figure it out (wha?). Oh hell hi howdy no, that math was beyond me. I tried and my tutor did too but alas no, I didn't get it. My P Chem teacher was the sweetest old man that had retired years earlier, I don't know what he was still doing there. I was at his office hours every single day, I swear he passed my with a C just out of pure pity's sake because I didn't learn squat. Tenacity? I learned more tenacity in that class than in any of the 9 years of college combined. Then? The next semester I had to take P Chem II. With another teacher. Who didn't want to teach and didn't even have office hours. How jacked is that? Yeah I passed it but it wasn't pretty, another don't-know-where-it-came-from-C. It was my last semester in school and as far as I was concerned C was passing. 9 years of college and a last semester where class started at 8am and ended at 10pm, no breaks of note in between? C was passing.

Back to the book, because I get distracted sometimes. The P Chem book has charts in it, definitions, conversion, etc and I used them all the time. Funny, Organic chemistry book didn't have the tables in them and those books are like 6 times the size, enormous gargantuan books. Damn expensive too. Regardless, even though I never used anything inside the P chem book pages proper the usefulness of the tables inside the cover were incalculable to me. I reached for that book at least once a day. And I left it behind in San Diego. Hey I was leaving the science world there right? And who hires mass spectrometrist in San Antonio? Please!

I got a hold of my friend Donna who I left the books with and asked her for the black book back when I started here back in May. What I forgot is that I left the lab P Chem book with her too, hard cover, said P Chem on the front, black. And so she sent me the black P Chem book. The lab book. I am such a doofus. Anyway we have played random e-mail/phone tag over the months and just recently she finally sent me the right book. Can I tell you? I just wanted to hug that book. So I did. I feel much better with my P Chem book. That book from the evil hell class. I missed that book. My work will be much better now that it's in my arms, I just know it.

So you still have some sort of security blanket? Is it twisted like mine is? I know my hubby is going to read this and think I have sort of deep seated sado masochistic oddity going on in my wee little brain. Hey, I'm a chemist, it kinda goes with out saying doesn't it?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday and the insanity that is the season

Our Saturday was scheduled to be busy so at least we had fair warning. Still, I don't like busy days on my weekends, they are supposed to be a time of rest! Damned holiday season. We had a birthday party to go to a 2pm, our friend's kids birthdays are on Dec 25th and 27th (and her anniversary is on the 30th, wouldn't that suck?) so she had their combined party on the 20th. They had a blow up jumpy in the backyard and then a magician for like an hour. The magician was very cool, he played perfect to the age group and I know for a fact that he does shows just for adults so the man has talent. I am not even into the magic stuff and I still thought he was very nifty. Needless to say the kids were delighted. We love our friends that threw this party (it's the doctor neighbor that the dh called when I had my aneurysm) so we were able to hang and enjoy ourselves for quite some time. Like 5 hours. Didn't regret it but we had to go to my work party that night too and it started at 7pm.

So regretfully we shut the party down (as usual we were the last to leave) along with Angie and mosied or way back home. Of course we had to get ready, drive and drop off the kid all the way at my mom's house. It's only 7 miles away but is in a part of town that is a raging pain in the ass to get to, takes like 20 minutes to get there. I hate driving there. So we got ourselves dressed up, dropped of the kid and started the drive to the party.

I had to give the hubby a quick warning of what he was to expect. I work at a doctors office, what most people expect from their health care providers are a bunch of people that are, for the most part, educated. White collar even? Not a very accurate description of the reality of the matter. There is a distinct line of people, the doctors, nurses, and PA's have college degrees. Some of the med techs do and, of course, the obscure person like me does too. I don't really count though since I am a white elephant.

Do you know however, about the rest of the workers in the office? The phlebotomists, triage (those people on the phones that make sure you get seen in an emergency), billing/business office, they compromise like 50% of the office. And for the the most part are just barely high school graduates. Just barely. Many of ours are latina, products of teen pregnancy, have had their own teen pregnancy and are now dealing with their own teens having babies. Does that give you an idea of the people at this party? OK picture this, short latina woman in their late 30's, 40's, and 50's each carrying about 50% more weight on themselves than they should be, and wearing tight short spandex red or green dresses and sporting BIG hair to match their asses. The hubby went to high school at San Diego High, downtown so he saw a lot of these type women when they were younger. That high school had it's own day care in it so these women could at least graduate high school. I just don't think he's seen them since they grew up, got a job, gained even more weight, and continued to squeeze it into that same spandex dress from high school. Yeah we like to say if you haven't got diabetes before you came to DGD then you will once you work here. These women are BIG and just getting bigger. We have job security just in the fact that all the women working there are going to be diabetic sooner rather than later.

So we get there and all I can say is See? I told ya! Because sure enough there were at least 50-60 fashion faux pas to end all faux pas. It was SCARY. Those of them that had some class (and there weren't a lot of use) were dressed pretty conservative. It was in the 30's out that night, no way in hell I was even going to wear a dress much less a skimpy one. I had on black velvet pants, black and red blouse and a leather jacket that I wore most of the night because it was cold. The good news is that the theme of the party was a casino night. OK I am not a gambler but the only reason we went is because they had kick ass door prizes and casino games (no money involved in the games, each person got a 1000 chip to play with). No we didn't win any door prizes which is a shame but I did play my fav game, craps.

Now here's something I probably haven't told ya'll, I LOVE math. It's a beautiful art form and for those of you who have never seen the art in math you probably never got to high level math because once you get into the theoretical math it is all an art form. Just beautiful and all your years of math finally come together. I find it sad that most people (like 99% of the population) will never see this in numbers but I suppose not everyone sees the same beauty in numbers that geeks like me but I don't like Picasso art either and most people love him. Everyone has different tastes, it's what makes the world just that much more beautiful.

Cards and gambling games are nothing but math and can be really fun and stimulating for my wee little brain. I learned to play poker from a group of guys that were pretty proficient. One was a professional dealer, another played in the World Poker game. The rest of them were guys that got together on a regular basis to play. Yup, I went straight to the big time to learn. The first game I played with them I was one of the last 2 people in after about 4 hours of playing. Not bad for a first timer! I loved those games but we played with money so I only want a few times. I like the game, I don't like gambling. See the difference?

Yeah well this game night party was exactly how I liked to play. Although I didn't play poker, my game of choice is craps. I've been to Vegas before (not to gamble but because we have friends with parents that live there) and I love the energy that comes off of the craps table. It's really hard to play at tables there though, there's normally no space. Might I also say that learning how to play craps by watching is insanely difficult but every dealer I have seen has always been wonderful and explained he process to anyone and everyone who had the need. It's common for a craps dealer, it's not a very intuitive game. Like have you ever seen anyone play cribbage? Don't even think you can figure out that game by watching. Again, it's a game I just love to play but it's just this side of impossible to find another person who can play it.

So last night I played craps and my dh was a doll, he doesn't like gambling either so he just watched as I became totally engrossed in game after game of craps. I managed to lose all of my own 1000 in about an hour. Of course my darling dear willingly gave up his chip to me and I kept on going until they closed up shop at 11pm. I had 500 by then and the dh took it over to the roulette table and bet on black. He doubled it immediately and so we ended the night with him breaking even regardless of the fact that his wifey lost half of his in her ocd gambling habit...good thing I don't bet money huh? But it wasn't all my fault, we had the crapiest shooters at the table. Including myself of course. I had one moderately good run but really there was only 1 or 2 good shooters and sadly they didn't stay at the table long. If it were Vegas that table would have been empty.

All in all it was a good night but the hubby was tuckered out after humoring his wife. We slept in until 10am Sunday morning. Unheard of for the hubby although I think sleeping should be an Olympic sport. And I would have several gold medals...

Friday, December 19, 2008

One major thing down!

And only 15 more billion to go! Ok maybe not that many but it sure as hell feels like it. Dayum the holiday season is taxing! We bought the tree so late this year I didn't think there was even a remote chance we'd bother dragging all the outdoor lighting out and hanging it. When I got home Friday evening the dh asked if he could put all the holiday storage boxes back in the attic. I said sure yeah and then looked at the boxes and thought oh I can just put these 2 lighted circular Christmas tree thingies out, they're easy. 15 minutes later the dh had joined me outside and it was ON. We managed to put everything up, moving angel, wrapped 2 trees, and hung the icicle lights in the archways. Whoa nelly, did not think that would happen this year but we finally joined the rest of the neighbors and don't look like the 1 unlighted house in the neighborhood.

Life is good, now all I can say is BRING IT. I'm ready to have The Day pass and put all this stuff away already!

Nah, just kidding.


Down to the wire...

It's not that I leave stuff until the last minute, it's that there aren't enough minutes in the day. Do you see the difference? Yeah I got all the presents to be mailed in the mail earlier in the week. Huge relief. I finally finally finally got the Christmas cards in the mail. OK all but 2 and it was actually the hubby that put them in the mail (thank you dear!) but I addressed and stamped them all last night. So what do you think? Will they make it before next Thursday? Do I care at this point? Only a little bit really but I think they have a good chance. I have a few left so I will take a picture of one and post it up, that way everyone gets a card from me! I love the internets, easier to spread the love! Or the crazy, I suppose it's all relative yeah?

Now everyone has presents under the tree and the hubby has gone out today to try and find a present for me. Lets hope he finds something or the kid is going to have issues with Santa. I still have to drop off a few things for my friend. I bought her her gift back in September. No really I did, I swear! It was one of those special order things that had to be made. No not expensive, just hand made. And I have a Foggy Mountain Dog Coat that I special ordered for my frenchie and it's too big and needs to be returned. GAH! I so don't want to mail anything right now. Just add it to the list of crap that needs to get done.

Apparently I can't use a measuring tape on a fat round dog. I got his back length wrong, see he's got such a bad case of little man's syndrome that even his mommy things he's big. So I called up the store I ordered it from and they have ordered him a smaller one and I have to get this one back to them. You know I think I'm going to find a UPS store to send it back, I don't want to go back to the USPS. Plus this was not a $20 coat. No this one was $40 plus shipping so we're talking more like $50 in the mail. Not going to trust the USPS with this one. Funny too, when I called I was all apologetic because it was my bad and I know that they have to make a special order to get one in. Well apparently they were ordering more that morning for their bulldogs. I love horsey places that have bullys, they're my kind of people! So I wasn't inconveniencing them which made me feel a bit better about my measuring incapabilities. It's not all me though, you know that frenchies kidney bean too? Do you know how hard it is to un-kidney bean a squat anvil? Plus he wanted to know what I was putting on his back, like I was going to strangle him with a measuring tape. A lot of places that I could have ordered the coat from would have to go out of their way to order the coat in the first place, this place is in Pennsylvania and I think they are making major orders every week because of the weather. Texas store? Not so much. Oh what we do for our silly little dogs I swear.

Really though if I had the spare cash this little dude would have a closet of outfits, each one more stupid than the last. Why? Because he's so dumb he doesn't mind getting dressed up. And you know me, I like to mess with my dogs. Wait till they fall asleep and plug their nostrals with 2 fingers and see how long until they figure out they can't breathe. Or tickle the fur between their paw pads while they sleep, gawd that drives them nuts, it's a fav of mine. The hubby thinks dog clothes are stupid though so he'd probably ixnay the idea. Too bad, the kid would have a ball...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Because I did an 'almost' anniversary post..

And I have friends who have cameras and save their pictures...
Denise, our friend that owns Velocity Paintball in San Diego sent me these. The one is of the dh and I at our wedding, the other is us at the paintball field sporting our matching Animal Paintball 9/11 jerseys. I love those jerseys, they are now considered very old skool. Just like the dh and I...

K-9 Rescue Barbie, sound familiar to anyone?

We in the great and privelged world of rescue can totally relate with this doll...

Something that should make all rescuers smile, cry, or
laugh until you drop!

This Christmas season, give the latest, hottest new Barbie -- K-9 Rescue
Barbie. She comes with her own Ford Aerostar van, and various size dog
crates inside. She has a cell phone that's barely working due to over use
and underpayment.

Barbie herself is decked out in jeans, grungy athletic shoes, and a t-shirt
that says "Dogs are Better Than Any Other Living Thing on Earth". She comes
with a road atlas of every town and state in all of North America, and a
compass on the dashboard of the van. She also has a map of every McDonald's
in the world.

Optional is the special Rescue Dog Barbie laptop computer with the names and
addresses of every other dog rescue person on earth, in case she gets
somewhere and a contact fails to show up.

Running buddy, "Lucky", the three-legged, blind Shih Tzu doll is available
for an additional $49.95.

For $89.95, you can complete the set with "Pissed off husband at home, Ken,"
and the various foster dogs at $20 each.

Prices for accessories are:

- Fake snow falling on Barbie's van: $12.95
- Flat tire for Barbie's van: (see Barbie's Road Service")
- Barbie's First Aid Kit: (human): $11.75, (canine): $69.50
- Barbie's Speeding Ticket: $95 (Mississippi--$195)
- Barbie's coat-that-she-had-to-buy-in-Minnesota: $85
- Barbie's Vet Bill for Lucky in Vaughn, New Mexico: $63.45
- Barbie's contact, Rhonda, who she had to give gas money to in Mesa
Verde, Texas: $20
- Barbie's bill to get her contact, Luis, out of jail in Bakersfield,
California: $500
- Barbie's bill to get Luis's dogs out of the pound in Bakersfield,
California: $265
- Barbie's hotel/kennel bill in Laughlin, Nevada, while she waits for her
- Barbie's overalls that she has to buy while in Minden, Nebraska,
hunting down lost coonhounds: $49.95
- Pizza for Barbie's suspicious looking hitch-hiker with sick puppy: $15
- Vet bill for hitch-hikers sick puppy in Des Moines, Iowa: $143.29
- Barbie's doggie wheelchair for "Klause" the rescue dachshund in
Leavenworth, Kansas: $143
- And Barbie's van detailing/fumigation from hauling parvo/kennel cough
puppies: $187
- Barbie's resume to get new job when she gets home from run: $29.95

And let us not forget her sister doll - Cat Rescue Barbie, who comes with
the same equipment, (substitute "cat" for "dog"), also:

- Folding ladder in vehicle: $129.95
- Have-a-heart trap: $29.95
- Cans of tuna for baiting trap: $11.95
- Long handled fishing net: $39.95
- Case of Simple Solution: $259.95
- Black light (to detect cat urine): $29.95
- Tee shirt that says "The More I Know About Men, The More I Love My Cat"
- Running buddy "Jeep" - 3-legged tailless cat named after vehicle that
claimed her missing appendages: $89.95
- Vet bill for Jeep $397.95
- Friend Edith, 87-year-old feral colony feeder, who calls begging favors
when her arthritis acts up and she can't get out. $59.95
- Food for Edith's colony cats (after all, Edith is on Social Security)
- Friend Margie, do-gooder with pristine home and one spoiled cat, whose
idea of being a rescuer is to pick up strays and take them to Barbie for
rehab, vetting, fostering, and placement. $89.95
- Vet bills for Margie's rescues $892.95
- Mother Sadie, who calls weekly to ask Barbie when she is going to get
rid of all those smelly cats and give her some grandchildren already $89.95
(telephone extra)
- Shrink who talks Barbie out of killing above-mentioned persons each
week $500
- Vet who makes house calls and doesn't blink at unannounced visits and
odd-hour consultations: *priceless*

I have conquered...

Yeah that evil USPS beast. I always have packages to mail for the dreaded season. I put it off for awhile but not too long. I had all of the presents wrapped and packaged into their respective mailers but had yet to make it to the post office. Today I bit the bullet and went during my lunch break. Kind of. I went at 11am rather than 12 because I doubt I was the only one out there with the same plans. Sure enough when I got there I was 3rd in line. By the time it was my turn there were at least 10 people in line behind me. Yuck!

BTW I can't believe the stupid high prices that they charge now for postage. Have you mailed a box lately? What a rip, it takes forever to get there, never makes it on time, and even then consider yourself lucky if the package makes it there intact. My father had received one that had tire tracks running across the box and it was completely mutilated. There was a sticker on top that said Damaged in Transit. No shit really? I'd go UPS or FedEx if I had a store closer to me but I don't so USPS it is. Good thing nothing I sent was of any serious value. Like at all. Remember? This year was a cheap Christmas. Hahaha!

Now I just need to get those damn Christmas cards addressed...hey I already have the stamps! But I think I need more envelopes. Dang.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did I tell ya'll about this anniversary we have coming up?

It's kind of an anniversary, not our wedding anniversary (that's in June or July, we can never remember). It's our engagement anniversary. It's on Christmas so we don't normally celebrate it by itself but the dh does take note of it on occasion. Why he and not me? Because his comment at the time was that he'd never be able to 'one up' me on a Christmas present. He had wanted to get married once we found out that we were having a baby, my theory for the refusal was that a baby was not a good enough reason to get married and I didn't want to make any major decisions while pregnant. Like, you know, what to wear in the mornings, things like that. We had already moved in together and that counted as my quota for major decisions that year.

DD was born in October and we all survived that. Barely. And by the holidays I figured it'd be nice to surprise him. I got a hold of his good friend that was a jeweler and asked her if she knew what kind of ring he wanted. He's not a plain band kind of guy, he's got style. More than me actually. Sadly. So anyway I found out what kind of ring he liked (you know, that one I told ya'll about him losing that one time recently? Yeah that one) and went out and bought it. I also told his mom what I was up to. Kinda like that old fashioned thing where men ask the father of the woman permission? Yeah only his mom was dying for us to get married so I didn't really ask her, I informed her and she immediately took over planning the wedding. Like as in picking up the phone right as I was standing there. Yeah no permission needed there. She had a date picked for the wedding within minutes. Which is fine, I've been married before and did the white dress wedding thing. I didn't want to plan a wedding. I would have liked to elope to Vegas and be married by Elvis. He wasn't going for that one though and I didn't even bother mentioning it to his mom. His family is more stodgy than mine. Understatement of the century if ya'll didn't catch the sarcasm through the internet.

So on Christmas day 2001 I had wrapped up his box with the ring. Then I put it in a bigger box. And a bigger box, and then another bigger box. There may have been 5 or 6 boxes by the time I was done and the biggest box was about 4 ft x 4ft. A ring box is obvious, this one, not so much. I sat with the dd in my arms as he opened the box, and then looked at me funny when he got to each consecutive box. I think he figured out the ruse by box 3 but the expression on his face when he got to the ring box was great. I think his words were "Are you serious?". Oh yee of little faith. Less than a year had passed of us dating and he had already given up on getting to marry the mother of his child. Poor man. I keep telling him that if he wants to lessen the stress in his life he needed to marry a man. He never listens! Can't say I didn't warn him.

Christmas, therefor, is an anniversary of sorts for us. We never celebrate our regular anniversary anyway, we can never remember it!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Those pictures I promised

I know I lag, the snow was a week ago and I only just got the hubby to download the pics for me. The sweetie went out and took these pics at 3 am, right before he left for work. He's so good for my blog!

This snow, to me, was incredible. It was 85 degrees earlier in the day. I mean snow, in south central Texas? Wild, just wild. I hope we get more....

Oh my

I didn't expect this to happen, Padres are up for sale.
San Diego has never been much of a sport city, too much else to do there rather than sit at home and watch a game I suppose. You find the biggest sports fans in the lazy cities or those that are home/snow bound for long stretches. San Diego, not so much. Naw, the people would rather be out surfing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, you name it and it's better than watching sports on your fat ass.

The Pads for sale? It's ironic that it happens right after they finally built them a new kick ass stadium but I can't say that it surprises me in the least. I did hope that the Chargers would have gone first, they are a thorn in the city's side. Plus there's a boat load of other cities that would love to have that team (the city I'm in now for instance). Oh well, I hope the Pads go to another city that appreciates them more.

Wild Christmas presents on a budget

Yeah so this year, like most people, we're not flowing in cash. Hahahaha, ok sorry I'm back now. Consequently I had to get even more creative than normal. I'm pretty damn creative anyway since I can't stand the holiday and buying presents for people I'd rather not admit to existing (yeah that'd be mom....). Budgeting money for people I hate, yay! So yeah this year, it was still more than I wanted to pay but I did it for less than $10 for her, and less than $20 for everyone else. And even then I'm still a bit bitter. For mommy dearest I got her dogs a set of dog chew toys. Yeah that's right, I got her dogs a present. She and her husband are useless anyway so I figured this will show that I actually bought them something but not say I love you. Because I don't. Did I mention how much I LOVE this season? Yeah. So moving on, dh's mom is always difficult to buy for, the woman already owns everything she wants. Her problem is that she spends money like a lunatic (it's a coping mechanism for her) and proceeds to lose said purchases, sometimes before she even gets home (she's a bit on the flighty side) and then must go out and rebuy them. I don't know how her husband doesn't explode, I love that man, he's a saint. Every year she holds at least 10 100+ guest parties, she's well known for them. So while I was at TJ Maxx I found a set of 2 teak wood serving boards and a set of 4 spread knives. They look pretty together and serve a purpose rather than just being a thing to set out and collect dust. All for just about $20. My dad (who yes, I adore although he drives me nuts) insisted that we just send him a card and not spend money on him (now you know why I adore this man). Of course I had already scoped out what I was going to get him and bought it before he told me this, and I wouldn't have not bought him a gift anyway. He is the guy version of the crazy cat lady and while he only has 1 indoor cat he takes care of all the strays in his hood (there are a lot and he's had them all fixed, thank God). So he too got a pet present this year. I got him a really cute ceramic cat treat jar (from Ross, it was cheap, like $5) and then I was going to fill it with cat treats but then decided instead to fill it with cat toys. Total cost? I dunno, maybe $20, probably less, it's not a huge jar. Our nephew is coming out for a surprise visit (with my mother in law) and we got him probably the most expensive thing we got anyone not including our dd, we got him a hard cover book and a cd. Heck, Where the bad kids go (I love this story idea and the cover is just adorable) and Offspring. I am an Offspring fan too so the strange blood that runs through mine and the dh's veins is obviously genetic. Our dd is still fascinated by goth, go figure. I'm thinking it's just a matter of time before she goes there...
For her though, yeah that's where we got the microscope, a few home science kits, the Star Wars Clone Wars dvd, and lordy knows what else. She asked for Tinkerbell dolls and while I think they are all too young for her I found a thing or 2 on clearance so I was ok with that.

Stocking stuffers this year will be composed of candy. Exotic chocolate bars and bulk candy from the bulk candy bin at Target. Redressed in pretty cellophane bags with bows. I always forget about stocking stuffers until the last minute so this year that I remembered at all is a miracle. Can't very well leave the things empty, the kid would have a fit.

I don't know what all the dh and I are getting for each other yet, we're not all that into getting stuff for ourselves but we must put on a show, gads I hate this holiday...

Got any other good ideas for practical but cool presents out there in recession-land? Leave a comment and let us all know! Lord knows we all need the help this year!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

People are freezing their asses off

Like literally I'm sure. Apparently the New Englanders are feeling the brunt of living in the northern reaches of the snow belt. Some aren't expected to have power until the end of this week and even then it'll be sketchy. Some places have hit a low of 2 degrees. Of course there are shelters set up but DAMN. Get in the car and drive south people. Get the hell outta Dodge!

They think that as the ice melts more branches will fall and take down more power lines too. So far I haven't seen anyone report any fatalities due to the cold. I suppose it's just a matter of time though. Do you know how warm it was here today? About 77. Yeah that's right 77 degres. And it's supposed to be 80 mid week. Not thinking we're going to have a white Christmas, whatcha think?

The upside is that we will have the nephew out, the dd's favorite person in the entire world and with the weather being nice so we can take them out and do lots of stuff. So while New Enlanders will be huddled in shelters and we'll be taking the kids to Sea World. How wild is that?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dude, Christmas

It's coming soon isn't it? I am still in denial and yet it will not go away. We have not put up a single light or ornament. Today I broke down and insisted we all go out and get the tree. I had been avoiding it because they cost so freaking much. We're going to throw it away in a month anyway, it kills me that we pay in excess of $70 every year for one. I'd go artificial but the dh wants the smell of real so I have yet to break his will of steel. Next year, we'll do it next year you watch.

So today I figured out why I put off tree shopping for so long, we went to Lowes and got an 8 foot Douglas fir for a whopping $36. Whoa dude are you serious? I guess being the last freaking family to go tree shopping has it's bennies. We got it home and realized that our tree stand was broken. I went back out and got a new one. It didn't work. Don't ask me why, the 4 screw in pegs that hold it centered and still in the base bowed when we got it in the tree stump securely and let the tree go. Yeah great. We had to use a part of the old broken base to stabilize the stump and screwed the new base pegs to hold the plastic of the old base. Sound retarded? Yeah we thought so too. We're leaving it up overnight and not putting any ornaments on it until we know it won't fall over by itself.

Maybe tomorrow we'll decorate the rest of the outside of the house too, we're seriously lagging behind the rest of the neighborhood. Actually I'm really proud of our hood this year, there are a ton of lights out! Wish us luck, I think we're going to need it. Gads I have to mail out all the mailable presents on Monday too. Hey the good news is I already bought them. Oh and I have finished most of my cards too. The only fun part of Christmas to me, making the cards.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Why do they call me?

I was raised by my father (Thank God) and probably because of this I have always been somewhat of a not so emotional female. Not that my dad was a hard ass, he was a total marshmallow, I could walk all over him. He really was lucky that I didn't too, or at least not as much as I could have. Regardless I have always taken the role of the bottom liner, the one who told it like it was, Devil's advocate as it were. If you had skeletons in your closet and I find out about them they are liable to be taken out for a dust off and a shake down. Publicly if I think it'll do you best that way. Ultimately if you have a problem facing the music do not, under any circumstances, come to me and ask my opinion. All the therapy in the world won't bring you back from the edge I will take you to and show you what's over the edge. If I think you need to go over that edge I have no qualms shoving your tentative ass off.

I suppose its a combination of things that make me do it this way. #1 I have very little patience, it's a virtue I have trouble with. Good thing I'm not catholic. Speaking of, you know those 7 deadly sins? They are a load of crap, there is only 1 deadly sin which brings me to #2. #2 is denial, the one and only sin. People so often are in denial of reality. I consider it my responsibility to show people reality when they ask me my opinion. You'd be surprised how most people can figure out their own problems if they just faced the music and stopped denying that reality exists. Hate to tell you it's not going anywhere and a lot of times it's not pretty either. Eventually it will bite you in the ass. And don't take it personal, it's like that for everybody. The longer you put it off though, yeah it doesn't get any prettier with time.

Which gets me to the reason behind this post. Why do they call me? These women friends that are having relationship problems. Big ones, you know, the D word kind. It's not that I mind at all, I don't, I love every one of my oh, 5 female friends. I have always hung out with the guys so my chick friend count is pretty low. Really, it's limited to the ones who are, like me, much more like men than most men we know. It's bad but it's true. The girlfriend that called this evening well the last conversation I had with her we discussed how damn it we should have slept with more men when we were really young and really hot (we went to high school together). Ah well such is life.

Regardless, I think I can count 3 women off hand that, when the shit hit the relationship fan, called/emailed/IM'd me first and I stood with them through the trials and tribulations of the fun ride a divorce takes you through. One actually ended up calling and getting the dh at some point. Lucky her since, if you are going to call and completely have a melt down he is the one you want to talk to. No lie, if you are going to go there he's the one you want holding your hand. Also, if you're going to get exquisitely blithering drunk he is the one you want holding your hair when you start praying to the porcelain god. No, I've never had to experience this first hand (I've never been drunk, seriously) but trust me on this one, he's the emotional one in the family. We keep him around for good reason you know.

So these girlfriends call me and I'm not quite sure what they expect. I would like to give them something helpful, advice, something good? I dunno, most of the time I just end up trying to steer them in the right direction but you know what I try to do primarily? Make sure they know that what ever decision they make that if it's what they feel is right then it's what they should go with. Really, a woman's biggest problem is her lack of self confidence. 99% of the problems women face can be alieviated if they just believed in themselves. Who is with me on this one? Can you see the issues with living in a patriarchal society? I don't think a single one of these women went/are going through this without their respective spouses not telling them what a piece of crap they are and that all the problems in the marriage were all their fault. All their fault? How in the world can it be all her fault? Like the men just passively sat back and let these women tear apart the man's life? Oh woe is me says the husband, she ruined my life and scarred me forever. What a load of crap.

Maybe they come to me because I've been through a divorce? Because I heard all that crap before and I still sent the ass packing? If you wonder why I never talk about my first husband it's because of that, he's not worth the effort talking about. When he left me I was left with nothing, no money, no home, no car, on the opposite side of the country than the rest of my friends and family. It took me almost 10 years to make my way back home and I had to have Jason come get me. I came back with 2 college degrees and not in underwater basket weaving either.

Spent a year paying Jas back for the cost of moving me but I did it. I did it without the help of that first useless waste of oxygen I divorced. Maybe that's why they come to me. I left him and survived. It could have been worse, others had husbands that were abusive, mine was just a waste of oxygen who was sleeping with his best friend's fiance and forging my signature to open multitudes of credit cards. My recommendation to those who fear bankruptcy, it's totally worth it if it means you can divorce a useless human being. Don't think twice about it, just do it. You can get you credit score back into the 800's in less than 7 years. Can't get your self respect back ever if you don't lose the asshole.

Sorry about the long ass post peeps, I got one of those calls tonight. She'll be the 3rd friend I'll be helping through this time in her life. They get harder each time, I think it's because the older we get the more kids we have to drag through it. No fun, no fun at all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This video will make you smile

Really, very serious, it will. Because seeing this kind of happy should make anyone smile...

Happy snow dog

"If you don't like the weather in San Antonio, just hang around a spell."

Just hours after San Antonio basked in a record high of 85 degrees Tuesday, snow and sleet began falling from the sky north of San Antonio.

and the more technical official sounding jargon...

Moisture in the form of an upper-level low-pressure system came through behind a cold front that dropped temperatures from the upper 80s Tuesday afternoon to the low 30s Wednesday morning.

So yeah around these here parts we can go from a/c to heat within a few hours. It amazes me that plants survive this kind of abuse. We didn't get any snow of real proportions, only a dusting really. When the hubby got up at 2:45 am he got ready and right before he left he got me up to show me that it had started, exactly as predicted by the weather people. Nothing like the So Cal forecasters who can't predict 70 and sunny every day to save their lives. And no, I did not let him wake the kid to watch snow fall, she'd have stayed up all night.

By morning the snow had stopped and most had melted. Only those who had cars parked outside had snow still on them. And the roofs of houses still had dustings. Really if I were to live in a place that snowed this is all I'd need. No adverse affects for traffic issues. The hubby and I are a rarity in our neighborhood, we keep both our cars in the garage. For whatever reason all new homes in San Antonio have 2 car garages that weren't really made to fit 2 cars into. We can do it but not all doors can open and it's a damn good thing we're skinny because the doors that can open can only open like 8" and you have to squeeze in. The garages can comfortably fit 1 car in them and a bunch of junk but most people just fill them to the brim with junk and park both cars in the driveway. For whatever reason the dh and I are really into parking our cars int he garage, it's a luxury we've never had before and we intend to use it and not gather any more junk than we absolutely have to.

I do have pics, they are just at home on the camera, I was running late this morning! As per usual, the kid's teacher probably doesn't like me anymore. She's been on the brink of late all week and today was just straight up LATE.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow showers? I'm sorry what?

So the hubby asked this evening how low the temp was going to get this evening because the weather has been...odd today. Warm, then cold, then cold and windy. Texas weather, if you don't like it wait a few minutes. It'll change. Freaking Texas I swear. So I looked it up, we're supposed to get snow showers between the hours of 3 and 7 am. I'm sorry we're supposed to have WHAT? Did you say SNOW? Oh I don't think so not in my book of cool. No not at all. I'm a sunbelter, this is south central Texas. No snow here people, no snow.

We'll see if there's anything when the hubby leaves in the morning (at his usual 3 am) or when I get up (not likely to be there at 7:30am). If driving is going to be an issue I'm going to be very displeased. Very very displeased. I have plans people PLANS.

Where to draw the line, and other Christmas musings

I'm not so sure I like the whole Santa fantasy anymore. I wasn't grooving to hard on it from the get go. Mind you my parents never kept the fantasy alive for long, stellar parents that they were, gotta love those hippie parents, not. Because of this I have put out the effort for my child, even though it takes a lot of verbal dancing, I figured I wouldn't ruin it for her. But now, at the ripe old age of 7, she's sure that without one little doubt, Santa will get her exactly what she wants from him for Christmas. She, like every upper middle class child in our neighborhood (ok, some are waaaay upper more like wealthy not even middle class) has never had a lean year. No they have no idea what it's like to be poor or without. I think a year or two living off the land at some farm out in the middle of nowhere might do these children some good. She wouldn't roll over and die but I know for a foregone fact that many of her classmates would. Oh man if I had some of those spoiled overindulged brats for kids they'd be suffering in my home. Sometimes I wonder if my own child will survive my iron fisted rule but she troopers on.

The Christmas present thing though, my God she is lucky that Lakeshore Learning Store had what she wanted from Santa for a reasonable price because I tell you what, microscopes don't come cheap. We tried showing her one in Target, one of the kid ones in the toy section. She gave it a glance and said "No, I want a grown up real microscope" in her holier than thou tone that denotes that she is no longer a child and will not accept anything less than what mommy has access to at her job. In a lab. For real scientists. She will accept nothing less. WTF? All right people, where do we get off teaching our children these things? Going and shooting ourselves in the foot I swear. So there you have it, the beginning of our end. Now she wants what from us? A lab bench, no friggin lie, to go in her bedroom. Ye GODS what am I going to do for that you ask? Hell if I know, they don't make lab benches for 7 yr olds. Did I tell you the microscope set came with a scalpel? Yeah totally what I want to have floating around her room right?

I think what I'm going to try and do is go to Home Depot or Lowes and see what they have for short cabinets, like for closets or bathrooms, and then a pre-made counter top/butcher block. It's the height that's going to be an issue. Fortunately lab benches are meant to be stood at, not to have a chair in front of and sit at. But lets face it, that's not going to be some inexpensive Barbie doll purchase. She's lucky that she's got my mother in law buying her boatloads of fluff because let me tell you, after setting her up with a friking laboratory in her bedroom there's not going to be a hella lot of other stuff coming from mom, dad, and Santa this year. Hello recession babe, Santa's expenses have gone up this year, do you know what a bale of hay is going for? Yeah it's bad and the dogs, I mean reindeer are going on half feed for the season. Lordy the kid dragged me to the pet store for the dogs' Christmas presents too last weekend. OK I was not budgeting for the fuzzy brats this year so we did not get them all that she wanted to get them. Fortunately she was busy looking at fish so she really didn't notice but geez girl, more presents? Your mother is a Scrooge and doesn't like the season in the first place, the poverty that's flowing freely has not made her warm to the season any at all. We haven't even bought the Christmas tree yet and that is probably the only part of the season I do like.