Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas cards

I realized that I had talked about them but hadn't posted pics yet. I wanted to make sure that I had them mailed off before I spoiled it and posted what they looked like. They were a case from a SCS person, Genie 1314. I really liked the blue this season. I used the Snowflake Serenade stamp set from Papertrey Ink.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The questions!

Because we had our friends lose their daughter I felt the need to go to services this evening. We were ridiculously late but it didn't matter. We told our kid what happened to our friends, we had taken her to their son's 6th birthday so she knew who they were. They were also there when we went to Chanukah services so she wanted to know if they would be there tonight to but we explained to her that even though they flew back into town today that they had been in an accident and would not be ready to got out and about and visit for awhile yet. She then followed up with all the morbid questions that kids have about accidents and death (because we, as people, are nosey, and children have no reason to not ask). We then had to go into what we don't ask people that have had something bad happen to them because it is too upsetting and of course then she asks why. Tack and social grace is such a fun thing to teach a 6 yr old but I don't want her asking details of how our friend's daughter died when she sees our friend. Such morbid questions from such a young mind, too much Cartoon Network you think?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hug your loved ones tightly

This holiday season seems to be one of sadness in my small little world of people. I started this blog mostly for paper crafting stuff but it's turned into the front page of CNN. My mom just called, our good friend and co-worker Ruben was driving his family to Colorado today for a trip to the snow. Him, his beautiful wife Irma, their 2 teen age (18&19) daughters and 6 y/o son. Mom just got off the phone with Irma, they were in Amarillo and got into a nasty accident. One of their daughters is dead and the rest of them have serious injuries. And since Ruben owns his own construction company they have no health insurance. They were waiting for Life Flight to get there when my mom was talking to Irma. I saw my bills for the ambulance and brain surgery on Thanksgiving and we have insurance (80/20 but still, it covered a good chunk) and I don't want to even know how much this is going to cost them in the long run. Having a child die is not something any parent should be expected to live through. It's just so awful, I know Ruben will probably blame himself for everything so the recovery for him will be just that much worse. It's going to be really rough. They we're so supportive when I was in the hospital a month ago, we're going to do our best to be there for them too. Of course they will be in hospitals up in Amarillo but we'll do our best regardless. Keep them in your prayers, they're going to need it.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The evening screamfest

We have one every night over dinner. The kid complains about everything in her dinner, from what it consists of to the texture to needing a different fork to why can't I have (insert other food of choice here). It takes her well over an hour to finish and by then we've been yelling at her for at least 30 minutes. She tries to get in long conversations about other things and the like, what she's having for dessert (not getting dessert babe). We've been over indulgent parents for way too long and are now reaping the benefits. Christmas Eve and we're telling her we have Santa's cell phone number. It's really bad tonight. Really bad. The hubby's going to need therapy soon. The kid already does so that's a given. She's been consistently bad lately, she doesn't listen. At all. I think she's traumatized from watching me get sick. Like everything she's heard from adults lately has freaked her out so bad she's just going to stop listening. Can you blame her?

Girls Night Out and Poker Night

Both happened last night. We girls (Kate and Candace) got home relatively early from going out to dinner so that the boys could go out to poker night and every one had a nice evening. It's been awhile since I've seen Kate and she's moving to Panama in February. The kid was over at their house playing with Kaia before it all started so the hubby at some point went over to bring McDonalds for the girls to have for dinner and probably lessen the stress on poor Fred who was stuck with the 2 girls. The hubby then hung out with Fred for awhile which was again, nice, since we love both of them but never get to hang out and now they're leaving the country! Trudy was supposed to go too but she has some sort of odd viral thing (note to self, must call her!) and is in the 2nd trimester of a pregnancy from hell so she's less than happy this holiday season.
I sent the hubby out for poker after I got home, sometime I really need to go in his stead so we can get our cash back from all of his less than fruitful games.
At some point our neighbors called (they left for the holiday and we are picking up their mail) to make sure their xmas tree light timer was working. It was the funniest 2 answering messages I've heard in awhile. You can almost hear Joe (the husband) in the background telling Angela that she's rambling and no one's going to be able to understand what she's talking about. I got her, I totally understood what she was saying. Later that night Joe called just to re-explain and I told him I knew what she was saying but I don't think he believed me at all. Their xmas tree is fine and it turns on just as planned.
Ah the holidays......

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last day at school before the holiday

So fortunately the kid was still well and able to go to school for the last day before the holiday. Her party was today and since B was a room parent he had to be there since the room parents are the ones who organize these things. So the kids got all jacked up on cookies and candy and were let go early as long as their parents signed them out. So we got the kidlet a bit early today which was nice, she was still well behaved even with all the sugar in her. The room parents also got a gift basket together and one of the things one of the room parents wanted to do for it was get the parents to give a picture of their kid to us so we could put an album together. B brought the pics to me yesterday and we got a little pic album to put them in and I did that this morning. The hardest part was using rub on letters to make a little thing that said what it was on the window in the front of the album. Not all the pics were the same size so some had to have backs put on them to fit. It worked and there are plenty more pages for more pictures of later in the school year. It was nice and the kids liked it. I would have preferred to do a scrapbook type thing but there was not enough time or pics. Only about half the parents got the pics to us.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back at it

We sent the kidlet back to school today, she was pretty darn tired tonight but was very happy to get back to school. I can't believe how resilient children are when it comes to illnesses, as adults we are total wimps when it comes to having colds/flus. Ah, age....
Anyway, I got the same cold she had (no fever though) and this does not surprise anyone seeing as how the surgery and steroids probably did a number on my immune system. Or rather, lack thereof immune system.
I managed to mail off 99% of our x-mas cards today. I have 2 more to send out tomorrow and I have to mail Morgan's x-mas prezzie tomorrow (and my dad's) anyway so we have to go to the post office regardless. Will that help those last 2 cards get to their destinations faster? Meybe, we'll see.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Almost done!

I have like 14 more x-mas cards to make. I can't believe I've gotten this far actually. There are only 2 addresses that I can't find, fortunately they are parents of good friends so I just emailed them to have them send me those addresses. They'd better get back to me! I tried addressing the ones that have the farthest to travel first (seeing as how these things are going out damn late!) so we'll see how it goes. At least this year I have a good excuse, and hey, I hand made all of these suckers after having being released from the hospital. My OT therapist will probably be thrilled. Did you know that Occupational Therapy is from the waist up and Physical Therapy is the waist down? I learned that in therapy since I was getting both. One day for OT they sat me down with a 14 piece puzzle. Yeah, we do nothing less than 1000 here at the house. Well except for the kid but she's at like 100 pieces so she's no slacker either. At least we do something productive with the dining room table. Lord knows we never use it for eating.
Speaking of PT/OT btw, I start again this Thursday. They've been busy and hadn't had a chance to call me to schedule times for me. Good thing I'm pretty much functional....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Double ear infection

Because why just do one when you can do both? The dd has cold and a fever she's got the regular gunk that has been going around. We've kept her home for the past 2 days (because we don't believe in torturing other kids and parents) so that we can give her the ibuprofin she needs when her fever goes up. She's been driving us insane (the down side of meds, they make her feel fine enough to be obnoxious). So when I gave her the q-tips to clean out her ears afeter her shower last night she was working on a way to pull out gray matter with them. Then she tells me she has an ear infection and I think "yeah, no big surprise there". She's had 3 or 4, almost always a double. Her first was the evening before her 4th birthday so like many other kids, she's experienced in the pain. I am very glad we caught this one early!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I spoke too soon

First of all, I still haven't finished the cards. They are close but I think I need more ink (I hate it when I run out of supplies in the middle of a project, it's so frustrating!). Plus the dh has decided to write a little ditty to go in the x-mas cards being made. Really it's a ditty (check out his blog, he posted it there). The really funny part is that he did it to 'Twas the night before Christmas' and it's simple rhyming but in 11 syllables. The man is much more into iambic pentameter so the 11 syllables was driving him insane. You would not believe the amount of frustration it caused him. Too funny! He can do Elizabethan Sonnet rhyming too but 11 syllables, not so happy. He's an English major type, me, I'm the science math type. While he was complaining on the computer and tapping out the syllables I was laying on the spare bed laughing at him. Cruel wifey, but dang it was amusing! If I'm frustrated with something academic it's probably not something I can solve by myself. I'm not saying I'm super intelligent just that the math/science stuff that would stump me is not something I could tap out on a table. I should have been an English major, I'd probably be a less cranky person...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am almost done with the x-mas cards

Which is a miracle since I only just started today. Lets face it though, as long as you have an idea of what you're going to do it doesn't take all that long. I'm only making like 35 too so that helps. I know there are those that make in the hundreds. Oh hell no. My family is lucky to get one, every one else is just because I love them. Really, if you get an x-mas card from me you must have done something special. I don't do x-mas cards, they aren't really my thing. And I have yet to do one of those 'updates' that some over achievers do with their cards. You know, the print out with the whole year summarized. I figure the dh has been sending updates on my brain blowout to everyone just about every other day for the last 3 weeks. If you wanted to know anything else feel free to email us. I know I, at least, always respond with in a day. If I don't then something bad has happened, email the dh to make sure he's still sane. Wives are here to stress their dh's out so bad that they'll never make it to their 60th b-day...

Working Boxer

I love this picture, and they say it's a bulldog. Um no. Boxer dog! If mine had to work for their food they'd have died decades ago.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We have the most wonderful friends in the whole world

We will never ever regret moving to this state if not just for the fact that the friends we have here are just amazing. Throughout this whole medical disaster they have gone above and beyond like I've never seen before. The neighbor wives have been feeding my family while I've been gone (and my mil too!) and I've got cards and flowers while in the hospital like you would not believe. While I was sitting here on the computer this evening with the dogs snoring on top of me the doorbell rang. The hubby gathered the dogs and sent them outside and then went to the door. It was carolers, or more specifically, all of our neighborhood friends with their children came bearing gifts and song. It was the sweetest thing ever. You would not believe the gift cards!! As I understand it Candace organized it (she came to visit me in the hospital and complained that the hubby was not asking for her help and it was driving her nuts) and that doesn't surprise me at all, she's just amazing. We got to see a bunch of friends that we (or at least I) haven't seen for awhile and it was great. Really an amazing out pouring of love and generosity from everyone! And it's cold out tonight, they must have all been freezing their butts off.
I must also mention the kitten, you know the one who had thought she was going to move in when I was in the hospital and basically made it into the garage 3 doors down? She showed up during the caroling (dang smart cat). Anyway one of the girls decided to take her home. About an hour later CeCe (Jack's mom) came back and was like, Uh I think my daughter took your kitten. We then explained how the kitten came to be so I think CeCe is keeping it in her garage now. Yeah, that's one smart cat. Anyway, if you're with in a 30 minute driving radius of San Antonio and want a very smart brown tabby girl kitten drop me a line. I can get it to you in no time flat. Anyway, just wanted you all to know that our friends here are AMAZING people that go way above and beyond. You know I'm from So Cal and you're much more on your own there. You get shot on the side of the road and you'd better hope someone from Georgia drives by because anyone else is just going to think you're stupid for getting yourself shot and will keep on going.

The dogs are going to be killed very soon

They are outside b/c the dh, mil, and dd are playing memory on the floor. They are clambering up the door and up the window. MONSTERS! I'm going to clobber them over the head with the x-mas tree. Damn dogs. It's close to their dinner time so their even more obnoxious. Like really bad doggies...

Home Again!

Cross your fingers that all goes well, they let me out!! Yesterday morning B came to spring me from rehab. It's sooo nice to be home again, my own bed, my own shower, ahhh the little things in life! Waking up with little to no feeling in ones limbs because there are just that many snoring dog bodies on you. My neurologist would probably have a fit.
Roxy had a drs appt yesterday for a lump we found on her toe. Unfortunately she is a boxer and if you didn't know, boxers are cancer factories. Yes, it's probably cancer but we aren't doing the insane stuff that we do on people for her. Surgery maybe, no chemo. If she needs medicinal pot I'm game, there are worse things in life. Plus, prior to being in our home she had a rough life so she deserves what ever good stuff she can get.

Monday, December 10, 2007

She did fine

My rooomate is still live and hasn't seemed to have tortured any nurses. We went out and bought her an outfit yesterday so she has something to wear. I think it made her feel better. We also got he toiletries and a hairbrush. Her therapist this morning was able to do adls with her this morning (you need clothing and toiletries to do these evaluations so that's why it hadn't been done yet). The therapist was very grateful to us for getting her things, she brushed her hair and put it up in a pony tail. There are so many old people here that apparently just get dumped. It's sooo sad! This woman has apparently been to this facility before, the nurses recognize her face. I will be going home tomorrow for good but still coming in for outpatient therapy so I'll be in to visit her often. I'll probably get her more clothes too. If we're lucky the nurses will have her clothes washed here (not normally done but she has no one to take care of her so exceptions are made).
So I'll be back at 8am every day and probably stay for 4 hours of out patient therapy. Basically scheduled gym time. Very good for me, it's not like I've ever been into gym time, ew.

Friday, December 7, 2007

I got day passes for this weekend!

I get to go home during the day on Saturday and Sunday! It makes me soooo happy. It's way too hard to relax in a hospital setting. I love my pt people and all but it's damn loud here and sooo bustling that it's hard to nap/sleep/heal. I'm worried about my roomie though. I try to take care of her while I'm here. She has no family or visitors and the nurses are going to drive her insane. They come in to start torturing her at like 5 am. Turning on all the lights and yelling "Good Morning how are you this morning?". I want to beat their heads in, I don't think she has any warmer feelings towards them either. She has diabetes so they are constantly pokeing her. They pulled her Foley catheter this morning and decided to replace it this evening. How cruel was that? She also has no use of her left side, apparently it also hurts like hell. The nurses will go over to get her bp and I'll tell them that her left arm is bruised all to hell and hurts her, don't touch it. Then I hear them talking to her about her arm and start touching it. She starts moaning in pain then and I just want to reach over and smack them. I mean WTF, what part of don't touch, major pain didn't you get? She's taken to the hospital everyday for dialysis too so her body is not doing so great in general. And her family has just abandoned her. I'm going to worry about her this weekend. At least I'll be here at night.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I got a roomate, it was bound to happen

And of course she's totally incontinent. Must suck, it sure does smell. She had a right side brain bleed, same as me, only she doesn't have use of her left side. Just goes to show where I'd be without fast surgery. Very scary.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I really must train the fuzzy uglies

Therapy dogs have been around for awhile. I've always owned a dog that would do well as a therapy dog, it takes a certain personality and my lab had that personality as does my Jaynie (the nut jobber). The dog needs to enjoy training, a lot. Jaynie loves the feed back. Actually he needs the feedback. The fact that I haven't kept up with it is totally my bad and I will remedy the situation, especially in light of my present condition. Roxy hates training, I won't bother her. I haven't even started with Corb, poor thing has a huge shock coming. I am absolutely sure I can make he and Jaynie more productive souls in our household and it'll make them happy. Lets face it, I don't need to retrofit the shower so I don't slip and fall in it, I'll just put Jaynie in there and I'll be fine. He's a friggin' moose, you can't fall on the floor with him around. Damn oaf. I can enroll him in Paws for a Cause though and probably make him an official therapy dog. Corbie would probably do too since he's so small. Jayne is a bit big and can be intimidating, especially with his psycho pit bull eyes. And his mental instabilities. Jaynie: Card carrying member of the Prozac nation!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The kid LOVES hospital food

And I mean LOVES it. Her eyes light up when she sees my food tray come in. It's so weird. The food is good, it's not like nasty hospital food or anything. So far she's loved the chicken parmesian and swedish meatballs. You'd think we never fed the kid. She has as much enthusiasm for it as she does chicken mcnuggets. Her daddy keeps telling her that she needs to let her momma eat but she just loves the food so much she'll keep chowing it down. It's sooo funny to watch, I mean it's hospital food!