Thursday, October 8, 2009

He's going to start changing all of his passwords if I keep this up

You know that problem with being too close to someone? You know, like your spouse. Like too close as in we know all of each others passwords? OK he doesn't actually know all mine and I'm sure there are a few of his I don't know. He can't get into our bank accounts but I gave him the passwords, he just doesn't remember them. I know almost all of his, the only one I don't is his atm card code. Of course it's the same bank account as mine so that's neither here nor there. We both have passwords onto the various on line forums though and since most people (including us) re-use a smattering of passwords over and over it's pretty easy to figure out how to get into his stuff.

We rarely belong to the same forums so over lap is not a problem. Except for the few we do both belong to. PBNation was one of those but I'm not on it anymore. I'm not sure he is either, maybe sometimes. City Data forums too, and I accidentally posted a response up when it was logged in as him. To this day he still gets an occasional IM for more info on water softener systems and a really inexpensive plumber. He tells me that his doppelganger has to get on and answer that email for him. On occasion we'll also have Facebook problems. I'll go on and it looks like I'm logged in but that's only because most of his friends are my friends too. And then I don't notice until I've done gone and posted up as him. Both of our profile pictures have both of us in them so it throws me for a loop for a second but then I have to go in and change it. Or ignore it, we're married so the info that comes from one of us might a well be the same as the other right?

Now on occasion I'll also get on to some of his stuff to help him out. Say if he's at work (he has no internet access there or cell phone) and needs something sent out I'll log on to his email (yes I know that password and it connects me to his blog too) and mail it for him. I also know his FB, iTunes, and I'm sure a smattering of other log ons and have been known to, on occasion, go in and make some alterations.

Today I found a picture on one of our friend's FB uploads of them playing paintball last weekend. I thought one of them would make a good profile pic for him so I changed it. Yes I logged into his account and proceeded to modify at will. It's one of my rights as a wife, read the fine print. Funny that though, I had an ex boyfriend who was a little...obsessive? He would read my emails and chats and I couldn't get on the phone and talk to anyone with out him asking for the whole conversation to be repeated to him. Odd man. Now him I did not share passwords with. That man was nutters. Oddly though I don't mind the hubby getting into any of the websites and having at it if he felt so inclined. Of course it helps that he doesn't normally feel so inclined. Someday though I'm going to push his buttons and post up a pic he doesn't like though and you watch, he's going to have to go in and make up whole new passwords huh? That'll be an ugly day and then I'll have to go out of my way and get myself a hacker. What a bother!


The Urban Cowboy said...

The reason why you two are able to share pass codes is because there is nothing either of you have to hide. Although, if my stuff was being 'rearranged' willie nillie, I may be inclined to change one or two...maybe not.

MichelleSG said...

I doubt you'd change it. It's kind of entertaining to go to your blog and have a whole new post up that was not written by you but still hilarious. I've done a few on his poor neglected blog and he's loved every one of them. I write stuff over there that fit his blog better than it fits mine. It's easier than me starting up a second blog right? Plus it's not like he gives it any attention. He posts maybe once every 2 months and really only because he relates a story to me and I tell him he should post about it.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Your would be kinda kool!