Sunday, April 25, 2010

Strawberries and computer issues

So yeah pictures. I have 1 million 457 thousand of them. And all were stuck on the memory card of my Canon. I have an 8G card that I had never used but sent with the hubby (he took my camera) when he and the child went back to San Diego for Spring Break, you know on March 15th. Freaking Texans and their jacked dates for Spring Break. Regardless that didn't matter here or their when it came to the pictures. The point is I don't do anything fancy to get the pictures off of the camera. The cord that attaches to the camera is always attached to the computer, I just plug it into the camera and download them. Simple, that's the only way I can function. Of course this time, and I don't know if it's because it was a large memory card (8G, we normally use the 2G) or what but 3 different computers kept telling me that the camera was busy. Yeah the camera should be busy, downloading my damn pictures. But it wasn't, it was just busy ignoring me. Modern technology, it will be the death of us all.

I broke down and admitted that I may need a fracking card reader not long after I tried hooking it up to the 3rd computer. And did I buy one? No. I lag, what can I say.

Yesterday I took the family to a place called Marburger Orchard to pick strawberries. I had a friend who posted on her Facebook that she had taken her boys there on Friday and I thought it'd be a nifty way to do a family day on Saturday. It's a wee bit north of us, just 5 miles south of Fredericksburg. It's a really popular little tourist spot, kinda like the uber Hill Country spot. I knew it was a bit of a drive. Like 60 miles. I didn't tell the hubby exactly how far we were going and he was starting to bitch by around 35 miles. Of course I had never been so I was hoping at this point that it wasn't going to be lame. Not that the drive wasn't beautiful (it's wild flower season and if you've been to Texas and seen them well, you know) but the hubby drives 180 miles round trip to work 5 days a week. His patience for any sort of driving is very thin. His patience for me is not that much better. But look, it's bluebonnet season!

Now I knew I'd want to bring a camera so I took the trusty older point and shoot so I knew I'd be able to get the pictures off of it. And I did. They aren't as awesome as they could be but you get the idea. We made it, it was AWESOME. The hubby was very pleased with the result. The weather was absolute perfection (a rarity in Texas, seriously) at about 72 degrees and bright blue. Today it's 86 degrees and very BRIGHT. Painfully so in fact. So we hit the right day and there were only about 8 other people there. I'd hate to go when it's crowded although I don't know if they actually get crowded since it's so hella far out there.

These were the fields, just gorgeous

And just beyond that row of strawberries were the cows. Because, you know, a drive to the country is nothing without the cows right?

I didn't actually realize they were even there until they moo'd and it sounded like I was standing under a cow. Seriously, my subdivision used to be a ranch and there are still cows where the ranch owner kept land at the entrance. You know, to sell after all the subdivision was built so that it could be turned into a strip mall. Crying shame, it's lovely with that ranch land there. But I've never actually been close to cows, we just drive by on the way in and out of the subdivision. Over the Hedge, that movie is us, seriously. Except ours isn't flat, it's Hill Country. And it wasn't a forest, it was scrubby ranch land with lots of oak trees. But the cows at the orchard, surprised me. I was cool though, I didn't panic because I knew that those strawberries would be long gone if cows had access. I can understand why they were grazing right there though, it must have smelled like heaven to them. Cruel and unusual punishment huh?

That first picture is one of the poppies that they planted at the end of each strawberry row so it looked pretty. And lordy were they gorgeous, blooming like nuts and the flowers were like tissue paper. That little point and shoot did me right, I would have taken a ton more pictures had I the other camera but it was not to be.

So you know what I got today, the day after we go to Hill Country? A card reader. More pictures to come, I just took 30 minutes to down load 2 months worth of pictures. Don't get too excited though, you know I never edit. The only thing I took out was the top of the hubby's head that was in the bottom of the cow picture. Bad composition, totally my fault, had to edit.

Coming up next post, spring. We have it and it's got some astounding flowers this year!

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