Sunday, June 13, 2010

New vivarium

Look, a post with pictures! I've been doing most of my computing (i.e. web surfing) from the iPad and you can't download pics on it from the camera so for the most part pictures are being taken and stored on the flash card. I know, what's the point huh? I finally took some and downloaded them. Novel! My minion at work (the plant guy) needed more room to work in his garage space so he finished his biggest project (my mossy frog terrarium) and brought it over today. It's sitting sideways on my kitchen bar (we have yet to decide on a stand for it) so it was super awkward to get a picture of it.

In the pictures it looks totally narrow but it's not really. The dimensions are 18" wide x 18" deep x 24" tall. It has a waterfall starting about midway up and enough water can be kept in the bottom to house fish (it's connected to a filter that feeds the waterfall) that the mossy frogs will most likely eat.

No, I don't have the frogs yet. I want to make sure the tank is fully functional with no issues before having the frogs shipped out. The plants inside the tank will grow in and fill it quite a bit more given time. I will be taking pictures in the coming months to show the growth and we'll see what survives and what doesn't. I love some of the plants and others are just there because that's what my minion thought would do well or work as variation in texture and color. Really it's kind of like making a painting, monochromatic isn't what you are looking for and nature doesn't like patterns. There are a few flowering plants in there too, even an orchid. I wan anxious to see if I can't get the orchid to bloom. I have like 10 orchids but none of mine bloom, my house is probably too dry. I take them outside a lot and water them more often than recommended because they dry out really quick inside but I suspect the one in the vivarium will bloom faster. I'm a plant freak, did you know that? I may have majored in chemistry but it could have just as easily been botany. If it weren't for the fact that I kill plants more often than not. I try though! And I do love plants so. This vivarium thing is rad for people like me, it's kind of a gimmie as far as keeping plants alive.

By the way, those big gray rocks you see? Those are all fake. My minion has newly perfected rock casting (it's a really involved process, you would not believe the effort and money involved) and all those rocks are barely a few pounds. Of course the gravel and water weigh a ton but hopefully I'll decide on a permanent shelf for this lovely structure and will only have to move it once. Or so the husband hopes!

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