Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daddies and their daughters, a very important relationship

This is a subject I'm always going on about when I hear a woman has terrible choices in men and the resulting crappy relationships. You show me a woman who has crappy taste in men and I'll bet you that she had dad issues. Go ahead, try it sometime. The next time a gf bemoans her crappy relationship history ask her how she got on with her dad. How he treated her, what they did together, if he was around at all. It can be overcome but still, it's important.

All you dads out there do you realize how important it is to be a part of your little girl's life? I know that guys like to play ball with their sons and all but many men just don't get how important their relationship is with their girls. He's the guy who sets the example for all other males in her life. He's the one who shows her how women are supposed to be treated and just how much respect she can expect to get from them. VERY IMPORTANT JOB HERE DADS. Long term ramifications. Seriously.

This past Friday, the Friday before V-day (which I'm not much of a fan of), the girl's school had a "Me and My Guy" dance for the girls and their father (uncle, grandpa, male role model,whatever). It was so damn cute I just couldn't stand it. I was good, I remembered a week prior to make an order for a corsage and boutineer at the florists. Like I said, these are the days when standards are met. The kid needs to know exactly what to expect from a boy taking her to a dance so we're doing this one right. Her daddy doesn't get home until late so I took care of it for him but he's the one who presented it to her so it counts. I was the driver, there's not enough parking at the school for a ton of cars so it was just easier that way. Plus it gave me a chance to see the daddies in their suits and dress shirts and girls all dolled up and excited. It was so damn cute I can't even begin to tell you. Those little girls were SO excited. Their daddies all very indulgent. This was the first year they did this dance and I'm pretty sure the turnout must have been overwhelming. I talked to the PTA mom who helped organize it the month prior. I told her to expect every girl in that school to be there with their dad. The student body didn't disappoint. Much to my delight (and I'm sure that of all the little girls) it seems as though most of the daddies in our school district know how to spoil their little girls. As it should be right?

The kid wanted, specifically, ruby red lipstick. I did her hair and make up, the lipstick is one I have but never wear. Too red! She looked so cute though and it's what made her happy so I wasn't worried about it. The hubby wore his Mickey Mouse tie (yes, those are rows of little gray Mickey heads on that subtle looking tie) and was very happy to leave work early so he could be home in time to take his little girl to her first dance. Beyond cute....

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