Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still here, all by my lonesomes

I'm also still breathing. Kind of. Labored but still alive.
This week, in the Great State of Texas (I know, sarcasm is hard to pull off on the 'nets, it's there though), is spring break. Yes, I know, the rest of the US knows that spring break should occur during Easter week but Texas, in it's infinite wisdom, thinks it should be the second week of March. Freaking retards that they are. Some states still have snow for crying out loud. Texas? We're celebrating spring here. Now mind you, it is in the 70's but that's just luck. We have had ice still in March, just not this year.

Lucky us, the mother in law volunteered to fly the hubby and the child out to San Diego for this event. Which leaves me here to tend the whiney ass dogs. I keep telling them they should be happy that I feed them and let them out and that I don't love them. Their loving owners left them with me and they need to suck it up. They, being of indeterminate (i.e. very little) intelligence, just have yet to catch on. Dumb asses. The hubby was nice enough to leave me with his absolutely violent cold and I have yet to sustain a full day at work this week. Tomorrow I'm going to try for it. I have gone in every morning though. And by noon been on the brink of death. I try! There are things that just need to be done so I go in and do them. If I'm really lucky I've diseased a few co-workers in the process. If they are really lucky then I haven't. It's a really sucky cold, I got the shakes at one point and it freaked me out. Don't you hate that? I'd have thought it was the flu but I never got a temperature. Plus I did get all the flu shots, not that is any sort of guarantee or anything right?

So last Tuesday the hubby and kid left on a plane, both recovering from this cold that I was yet to hit the peak of. Today I got a call from the hubby that he missed me. Only took 2 days and some kinky dream he had last night. He had gone out drinking. And this is what it takes for the husband to miss the least the dream was about me right? In the mean time I am bored senseless at home. Bored enough to actually turn on the desktop and catch up on other blogs. I think the last time I was on was 2 weeks ago. Maybe three. When was that last blog post of mine? 2009?

For the sake of being honest, I'm still going to the gym except for this week. Because ya know, when you can't breathe and you've got muscle tremors getting on a machine at the gym is just not a wise decision. I may not even be breathing well enough until next week. Gawd I hate being sick, good thing the family is gone because I am super bitchy when sick. Just ask the dogs....


The Urban Cowboy said...

Get better...then throw a party!

Violet said...

Urgh, the cold sounds awful - hope you're feeling better soon!

Spring break happens in March here in the middle, too. Purdue is on spring break now, my university's is next week. The only thing that means to me, however, is less traffic and more willingness on my part to eat at the restaurants in Campustown.

Opinionated White Trash said...

I had my stepson here out TO San Diego last week from Texas. His old friends from LA came down on the weekends because the breaks aren't the same. I didn't realize it was all of Texas.

I hope you get better. The cold sounds terrible. My last one was when I had to travel to RI for work and it snowed pretty bad a couple days and was damn cold(22-38ish) for a San Diegan. But I was sick when I got there. I NyQuil'd for 8 nights straight and didn't really get to talk to my wife and kids since I was asleep at 8pm EST.

Don't know what to say about the two day lapse in calls. Shit happens. Let it go I guess. Good thing he had the dream about you though!

They're probably home now, so hopefully all is well!