Saturday, March 27, 2010

This months sounds and the confusion that ensues....

So for the last year or so, since I've discovered I like it, the child is exposed to country music whilst riding in my Jeep. She has her favorites and is smart enough not to voice her opinion about her not so favorites. Her first was "I'm a country boy" by Alan Jackson. Then came "What was I thinkin" by Dierks Bently. Please don't ask me to explain that first name, as far as I'm concerned there is no excuse for jacked first names, it's a voluntary choice and some parents are just stupid. This last month I finally found a female country artisit that I liked and got a cd by Miranda Lambert. She's like pretty white trash and her songs are a scream.

The child has latched onto the first song on the cd, Gunpowder and Lead. Funny song, about a woman who got beat up by her significant other and is waiting for the man to get out on bail with a shotgun and a cigarette behind the front door. OK, not the usual topic of conversation for 8 year olds but it is a good segue for the less than stellar boy friends a girl can run into. She's been sheltered and has no idea what nasty relationships are like. She really had no idea that men hit women and though it was just some sort of made up story. Me being the odd parent I am I went into the rights people have and how legal (or illegal) it is to shoot someone if they are attacking you. I told her about Texas' castle law too and she thought it was the coolest. Hey, we're a gun totin' household, we practice our rights in this home. As soon as we can talk her into it she'll be at the gun range with her own pink pea shooter. Priorities, we gots 'em.

None of this was what really surprised me about her choice in songs. Well not so much surprised as entertained. We were on the way to school one morning (ya know, the 3 minute drive) and she requests her song. Then she asks why everybody in country music sings about shotguns. So I explain to her that when you live out in the country you often have to shoot wild things you don't want about like snakes and skunks and then the occasional shotgun wedding but I told her that I'd explain those later. The ride to school is too short to explain shot gun weddings when I have yet to explain sex or where exactly babies come from. We've gotten away with vague descriptions so far but we'll get to that conversation. Eventually.

Her answer to my response to why country people all own shotguns was soooo funny. She though they were country fashion accessories. Shit you not, my kid thought shot guns were fashion accessories. How cool is that? Not totally misguided mind you, I've seen some seriously beautiful shot gun stocks but damn, a fashion accessory. I think that getting her on the gun range will be simpler with this as a basis for it don't you?


The Urban Cowboy said...

Yea, Miranda's songs are pretty cool...and she's a hottie ta boot!

MichelleSG said...

She is that! The hubby loves the trash look so he prefers her in this video as opposed to the White Liar one where she's all cleaned up. I have to agree with him, I like her with the mussed up look too.