Tuesday, January 11, 2011

12 down, 28 to go. Maybe.

Weeks that is. I am now into my second trimester which at my advanced maternal age means I've made it through the very high risk time. Not that something still can't go wrong, it's just more likely now that I'll make it to the end with a live product. My first pregnancy lasted 39 weeks which is why there's a maybe in the title. I think it's not so much a function of fetus being ready as my body kicking it out. I'm 5 feet tall and by the time I hit 39 weeks I look much like Violet Beauregard after the dessert part of the bubble gum (name the movie). Not a pretty sight. I didn't even go into labor at 39 weeks. My water broke and nothing happened. It was kinda like my body was done but the kid had no intention of leaving. Let's hope we don't have a repeat of that or it'd be an immediate c-section. I don't want to be eviscerated again. As common a practice as it is I did not enjoy it at all. Yeah yeah I got kid out of (not quite right but almost) blah blah blah but it was still another week in the hospital. A week from Hell and I managed to have a nice little nervous breakdown. That nobody noticed. Seriously, the healthcare system is severely lacking here. 2 years healing with severe post partum depression and again, no health care worker or doctor noticed. Now you know why I don't want a repeat evisceration. I mean c-section. Yeah same difference right?

Barring all that drama though my primary job in life right now is to continue on as I've been doing so far. You figure for a minimum of 40 weeks my body is not my own. I am an incubator at the whim of whatever hormone my body decides to pump in volume at any given point in time. My first pregnancy I only had a food craving once somewhere in my second trimester. I suddenly was drinking milk by the gallon and I hate milk. It lasted a few weeks and was really weird. This time around I've been getting random food cravings like daily. I know it's one of those pregnancy norm things but I find it really strange. One day it was asparagus. For the whole day. Oddly I did not get asparagus that day but I did eat a lot of veggies. The veggies have been a go to thing also. Fruit to a lesser degree too. This is a good sign I think since only once was I craving french fries. I rather that kind of balance than the opposite right? It could be worse, I could be all into fried foods and sweets. I've been on the big side of pregnancy though (6-9 months) and I do not have any room for excess fat. I'm waaay too short for that luxury. Violet, you're turning violet! I understand all you really need though is an extra 100-300 calories a day to grow one of these suckers. I figure with my 'advanced age' (I love that term) and consequent decreased metabolism I was probably already getting enough as it was. So I've tried to keep it the same just spread out more through the day. Seems to be working so far. We'll see how long that lasts...

28 more to go, I'll be going to the maternal fetal specialists next week because, you know, advanced maternal age...wish me luck!

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