Monday, January 10, 2011

Where the heck did my sunbelt go?

I'm not a snow person. I don't do skiing or snowboarding, sledding doesn't really float my boat either. Driving in the snow sucks ass and damn snow is cold. I was born and raised in San Diego and it was good. There was no snow unless you got some wild hair up your ass and drove to it. I remember doing that once or twice in my life. Like I said, snow doesn't really do it for me so I didn't go out of my way to find it all that often.

By some set of unfortunate events when I was 20 and (sadly) married to my first husband I found I was living in Maryland, DC area. They use heat pumps in those homes because (get this) it doesn't get that cold in the DC area. I think we got 4 feet of snow the first year I lived there. Did you know heat pumps don't work in the snow? Yeah, found that one out the hard way. I've been leery of the cold ever since and consequently make it a point of staying in the sunbelt for the rest of my life.

Well apparently San Antonio is just mostly in the sunbelt. You know, like during the blazing heat of the summer. The first year we moved here there was a ton of rain that winter (06) and it got cold enough to ice over some. Really neat looking, not too bad to drive in. Mostly because 1)They shut the freeways down and 2)I wasn't driving a Jeep back then. Word to the wise, unless you're a young male adrenaline junkie or an older male denying the reality of age then you really shouldn't be driving a Wrangler. They are suicide machines and manuals (like the one I drive) combined with the ever so smooth suspension are just about the most uncomfortably rides a vehicle could possibly come up with. Seriously, just avoid them like the plague they are.

This year we have some rain (nothing like 06) but damn has there been some cold spells. Like as in right now, DAMN IT'S FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE. Seriously, it might as well be snowing. It'll be below freezing tonight and the next 2 nights. In the 20s tomorrow night. THE TWENTIES. News flash, that's too fucking cold. Just sayin'....

I had to buy a new temporary wardrobe as of late (you know that whole round baby belly thing) and I mostly geared it toward when I'd be big. You know, this summer. Where less clothing is better. Thing to note, a woman's body changes faster with a second pregnancy. I will be 12 weeks tomorrow (insert excitement here peeps, 12 weeks is the magic number for out of the super danger zone of dropping said fetus from uterus too early) and where as I have not gained any weight (insert more excitement here) it's been rearrainged to the belly. Jackets may still fit but they don't zip up anymore. And here I thought I was going to get off easy with the whole 'limit to the new wardrobe'. I shouldn't need to buy a maternity winter coat if my third trimester is in the midst of a Texas summer right? RIGHT? Apparently not. Dude I just can't take the cold and good lordy be it's fucking cold out. The upside is that I've always wanted a double breasted pea coat. Now I have one! It's kinda nice too since it's cut in such a way that you can't really tell it's a maternity coat. That much fabric just looks like a short woman bundled from the cold. I told y'all I was going to enjoy this pregnancy right? I decided that wearing what made me happy was a priority in that enjoyment. Plus somebody stole my sunbelt.

I'm kinda pissed here, where did my warmth go? And whose ass do I have to kick to get it back? Freaking Texas.

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