Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Been busy

Hunting for a real job that is. I have finally come to the conclusion that doing what my mother wants me to is not going to earn us any money. I should have begun this months ago but I've tried to believe and have some faith in my mom. I've never had any real faith in her, she's been a disappointment since before I was 5 years old. Sad really but not surprising that she's disappointed me again. She's left this week for a trip to Seattle and it's kind of nice, she can only screw things up so badly from that far away. Working with her is like working with a used car salesman. I never know if what is coming out of her mouth is a little lie or a big horrid one. One thing for sure though, it's not the truth. Never has been so I need to stop trying to believe and just get another job. It's not like I mind doing chemistry but the research chemist job market out here is not all that. I would love to do something like be a pharmaceutical rep but as I understand it's a hard market to break into. We'll see what I end up with, I'm not going to be picky. And yes, the lovely husband has been looking for a job for a few months now also. The job market in San Antonio is not that much like San Diego's. SA doesn't have as many jobs and the pay is not as good. We still don't want to move back, we want to stay here so we continue to hunt.

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