Thursday, January 3, 2008

Frat dog

So I've come to the conclusion that our little monster dog would be the perfect frat boy dog. If a boy walked this little cutie patootie on a campus somewhere girls would flock in for miles to oogle him. Add to that the dh has trained him to snore and drool on him contentedly for however long you want to play a computer game (we're talking hours here people) and he's just perfect for a frat boy accessory. I had to take pics because the little fat butt was just snoring away sooo happily that I couldn't pass the photo opportunity up. I asked the dh how long the Corbinator would hang for and he said, "Oh hours probably". Good to know that's how long the dh has put into the computer games, no? Obviously neither butt has any motivation to move.


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AWWW, you guys have a lap tumor too! :D

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