Friday, November 27, 2009

The basics

I realize that holidays are meant to be spent with family, that we all gather together and do the 'haven't seen you since last Thanksgiving' stuff. I've never been into that, and I tried for many years. Now that we live in Texas and really don't have the 'spare cash' to fly to California every year we don't have to do it anymore. I know the hubby probably regrets this (he's more of a warm fuzzy than me but he knew that long before he married me) but I am very happy to stay at home with just the 3 of us. I don't have to get up early, worry about traffic, worry about getting up to north San Diego by 2pm, eat, visit, and back into San Diego proper by 4pm to rinse and repeat with the in laws.

No, I stay at home, roll out of bed near noon, walk the dog for as long as I want. Get in the shower sometime around 1-ish, get dressed in something vaguely resembling pj's and let the hair air dry. No make up, no pretty clothes and the dog is happily sleeping on the couch. Where, you know, they aren't allowed in our house. At the 2:30 point I was ready to start cooking. Something. Yeah it occurred to me that some wives slave over their stove starting the night before only to wake at something at 5 am to start the day. Oh hells no, I am much more of a slackin' kinda wife and mother. My poor family.

No worries though, I started the turkey first and then managed to have the hubby peel me the potatoes (what, you think I was going to do the hard stuff myself? NOT) and got them done and mashed. Turkey was done at 5:30, green beans and stuffing went into the over then for 30 minutes. Gravy was heated and dinner was served at 6pm. How perfect was that?

When we sat for dinner I realized also that I make an insanely basic turkey day dinner. I've tried the fancy things before, roasted asparagus (which I love but in this house I'm the only one), a multitude of interesting and different sweet potato/yam and scalloped potato recipes, variations of desserts, but really none of them do it for us. We just like the basic mix, not even my mashed potatoes have anything creative in them. Our dessert is just pecan pie, the hubby doesn't do the pumpkin stuff. I even got whipping cream to whip and put on the pecan pie but no, he doesn't do that either.

So what am I thankful for this year? A nice simple holiday with no rush and everything done in a timely manner even with a slakin momma that holds nothing more precious than sleeping in. Hey, a woman has to have her priorities and sleep is mine.

Hope your day was pleasurable and drama free!

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