Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Averaging 300+ a day...

I told ya'll I had this reading problem right? It's at another all time high. I should probably stop cold turkey but I won't. Self control, I don't have it. I suppose it could be worse since I come from a family of mild alcoholics so I won't complain. But if you're wondering where I've been well then let me tell ya, somewhere deep in Stephanie Plum land.

When my hubby came back from San Diego he had a boatload of books that our friend Brenda gave us. Now these books are books that I would have NEVER have picked up. Ever. They are in the plain old fiction genre where I rarely ever go plus their covers are totally un-inspiring.

The first in the series, totally bland right? And they all look like this. Not something that would have caught my eye on any given day. So Brenda sent back 1-13 (excluding 6, I dunno why) and I started reading them maybe 8-10 days ago? So really I've been averaging more than 300 pages a day. Each book has about 350 pages and in this particular series there are 15 books. I bought book 6 the day I finished book 5 and the hubby bought book 14 at the same time because he knew. He knew I'd get there before we got back to Target so why not get both. See, he feeds my addiction. And this, my dear readers, is what makes a marriage work right? Plus he's reading them too, he just pays more attention to detail than I do. And he's not OCD. That probably helps too.

Regardless these books are so damn funny that we will be sitting reading and bust out laughing and read aloud the funny part that we just came across. See? True love. We read. We read A LOT. Never have we had a series we were so enamored of that struck us just this damn funny. Short synopsis, Stephanie is a NJ woman (you know big hair, obnoxious Italian family, the whole nine) that finds herself jobless and goes to work for her cousin's bail bonds company. She becomes a bounty hunter and is by far the worst bounty hunter known to God. She is sooo bad, my hubby will sit there reading and randomly, I'd say about every 30 pages or so he'll mumble "Damn she is the worst bounty hunter". He's on book 6. Can I tell you how many times he's said this? She goes through cars like candy, they get stolen (normally by the person she's trying to catch) shot up, exploded, smooshed by a garbage truck, exploded, oh and that includes any car she borrows too.

Seriously good reads people, you should try them!

I've finished the whole Stephanie series but have yet to start on her others. I'm into a Laural K. Hamilton right now but it's just a matter of time before I get back in to Evanovich. It's like...a bad addiction....


Stephanie said...

Reading is it's own addiction. It's a problem sometimes. Especially when I don't want to do ANYTHING but read. I may just give this series a try. I finished Breaking Dawn today. Sigh. I'm going to read what's available of Midnight Sun tonight... 'cause I just can't wait to see if maybe, one day, she decides to finish it. Argh.

Anita said...

I love Evanovich and I understand binge reading! I got so into Michael Connelly that I read a bunch of his books in a week.

Enjoy your reading!

m0to said...

I bought my Kindle in June and have read 23 full books. Reading World War Z now after reading three different trilogies from Robin Hobb.