Sunday, August 2, 2009

I sent my camera to San Diego with the hubby

And wouldn't you know it, he has sent me NOTHING. Not one single picture. Why do I even bother? I do, however, have other friends in San Diego that love me. Obviously more than the hubby but we'll have a discussion on that later I'm sure. This lovely picture of my daughter is the only one I've seen of her since she left me 2 months ago. Not like my hubby cares, he's out partying in his home town. Next time I'm buying a ticket for myself and leaving his ungrateful ass here to do the dishes, laundry, and pick up the dog poo.

My friend who took the pic is also getting into photography. We are making a trade, he has a spare Canon xsi and I have that lovely paintball marker (you remember Valerian right). He was using his friend's 50d and got the xsi. He then decided that her really preferred the 50D so was then the owner of 2 Canon's. Since he's such a rockin kinda guy and has need of a paintball marker we're doing a trade, my marker his xsi. I am so very pleased that my Valerian is staying in the family I just can not begin to tell you. It's an awesome marker and it's good to know it's not going to some punk ass kid. Yes, this is actually important to me, I put a lot of thought, money, research, and energy into her and I love the fact that it's not going to waste.

Plus, you know, I finally get that camera I've been longing for so I can use the lens I got for my birthday. FINALLY. I have such great friends.


Death before Decaf! said...

Wow, you're husband sounds really worthless.

Better trade up.

MichelleSG said...

Seriously, any suggestions?

m0to said...

Actually her husband is quite useful! Especially as my paintball buddy :-P

Enjoy the new camera! I'm enjoying the paintball marker.