Sunday, August 2, 2009

What did, and did not, get done this weekend.

Yeah so I never go around to going to the movies. Just couldn't bother to drag myself out in this heat even if there was a cool theater at the end. Lisa (Trailboss) suggested My Sister's Keeper but I read the book (and even reviewed it here). I am confused as to why someone would make a movie of such a depressing book. A good read but really, not something I would read again. Too sad. On that note if anyone would like the book please email me and I'll send it out to you. Seriously, good book, well written, I'm not going to read it again.

Speaking of re-reading something I spent the last week re-reading the Twilight saga. For the record the saga is a much better read the second time around. I have a girlfriend I was chatting with and she agrees with me. I have no explanation for it. It isn't as if the writing would get better or worse so I have not a clue. Regardless, my need for read was satiated. Did I mention that Meyer is now writing the saga again but this time from Edward's point of view? She put the first 6 chapters on the net and I'm going to read them tonight. I am very interested to see how it goes. I read The Host and I think her writing has improved since I liked it right off the bat.

My mom found out that I was alone this weekend so she used the opportunity to 'spend time' with me. As you know we try and keep it neutral since we piss each other off so easily. We went to lunch, I suggested La Madeline, she agreed, then proceeded to drive us to Mimi's Cafe. Which was like a 45 minute wait (it always is on weekends) which is why I didn't suggest going there. Ya see why I can't stand going out with this woman? People who have rocks for brains try my patience. I was nice though, I just suggested we go have a look at La Madeline to see if there was a wait there. Of course there wasn't so it was all good, I didn't have to kill her. This time. We ate then she dropped me off at home. I now don't have to talk to her for at least a week. Maybe longer if I'm lucky.

I have discovered, much to my surprise, that my dogs actually can get more lazy then they already were. Boxers are supposed to be active hyper dogs. Mine seem to be defective. I'd return them for a refund but they are rescues. No one else wanted them so they must have been defective from the get go I suppose. They have all become one with the couch in such a permanent manner I don't know how I'm going to get the fur off. The only way I can get them to move is during meal times and then they just come right back in and re-disperse themselves on it. I have my one little corner of the couch and Jaynie tried taking it this morning. Got himself all nice and curled up on it and I showed up and had a 'discussion' with him. Pointed out the other end of the couch and told him where he was being extradited. Forcibly in this case. Good news is he's not in the mood to be snuggly so all I had to do is get lovey with him and off he went. Girl cooties you know, they can be toxic.


Kimberly said...

I just cant get into the Twilight series-just not my thing at all and I tried. My sister on the other hand is IN LOVE with all things Twilight.

Glad you had a productive weekend :)

Stephanie said...

My sister read what's available of Midnight Sun online. She said it was awesome, but I'm waiting till it's actually published. Do you know if Meyer's doing the whole series from Edward's POV? We couldn't figure out if she was rewriting just Twilight... or all four books. You know how in LOVE I am with the series, so naturally I am hoping that she writes all four. Yeah. I have a problem.

MichelleSG said...

Steph I don't know. If she's smart she'll do the whole series from Edwards POV. I've read the chapters available and the story from his angle is WAY WAY BETTER. I don't know if her writing has improved (I think it has) or it's just the fact that the pov is not from a vapid stupid teen girl but it's much better. Go figure.