Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday night in suburbia

So the kid decided to spend the night at her friend's house tonight. I took the opportunity to get adventurous. My day was dull, noted only by the fact that I voluntarily got my flu vaccination at work. I hate needles, did I ever mention that? I used to have acupuncture done and unlike every other human on the face of this earth I can feel each and every one of those wee little needles go in. I don't hate needles so much as to not have my vaccinations done or blood pulled when need be but I don't have to like it.

When I was 18 I had a tattoo done on my ankle. A wee little 5 minute job, only a black outline since I could not even imagine sitting for longer so they could color it in. Oh hells no, it hurt. One does not go into a tattoo parlor and not expect pain though right? It took me several more years to get another, a Chinese character for 'love' although this one was filled in (blue to purple fade) it was still small and hurt like hell. It's old enough that I've had it re-colored since then and sure enough, those needles still hurt. Really though it's a good thing I can't take the pain. I love tattoos and I'd probably be covered in them (my employer would have a hissy fit) but the pain keeps me in check.

Notice how my hatred of needles still didn't keep me from getting the 2 tats I have though? Might I also mention that it didn't stop me from getting 7 ear ring piercings in my teen years and 1 nose ring in my early college years. I didn't even wear any earrings by the time I was in college because the holes themselves seemed to be very irritated whenever I wore them. It wasn't until I got the nose ring that I figured out why and that I was sure that I have an allergy to most metals. BTW, that nose ring was done using a piercing gun, it was almost 20 years ago that I had that thing done and it still sends shivers up my spine when I think about it. I had to take it out and leave it out since back then there were no specialty non-metal piercings that I could use. It really was a tragedy, that particular piercing looked really cute on my nose. It was not a septum piercing (I hate that cow look) but a side one and I used a hoop. I never got a picture of it, what a shame.

This week (Wednesday?) I decided I wanted a navel piercing. Why? I haven't the faintest clue, just all of a sudden it came to me. I im'd a girlfriend of mine to see if she had one (she does) and if it caused her any problems and since she has 2 kids if she had to take it out during her pregnancies. She had no problems with it and hers didn't even need to be taken out when she had her babies. She also sent me a link for navel rings specially made for pregnant bellies, They even come in entirely metal free forms for those getting c-sections. So if I couldn't handle the titanium belly button rings I could switch it to this medical grade plastic pregnancy ring, I know my skin can handle that. Then I went about finding a place to do the piercing.

Do you know these places are open during the weirdest hours? Noon to midnight. Of course I didn't want to drag the kid into a tattoo and piercing parlor and have her see me get a 16 gauge needle shoved through my skin. No, that would be just a wee bit much for her. Not that I have a problem with her seeing my tattoos (she likes the ones I have) or my navel pierced but watching it done? No, she doesn't like needles either and I'd rather not make the phobia worse. Fortunately her girlfriend asked her to spend the night tonight and the spouse was game for a small trek to the other side of the tracks.

I must say these tattoo artists and piercers must find some serious amusement when the suburban housewife shows up for a bit of aesthetic modifications on her Friday night. My piercer was manning the front desk having fun popping bubble wrap. Yes, I'm totally serious. I (most pathetically) forgot to bring my camera so the pic is off their website. I won't show you a picture of my freshly pierced navel. Suffice to say right now ITS PISSED OFF and you don't want to see that. I must say though it isn't anywhere near as painful as getting a tattoo. Nope not even close. It's sore now but my arm doesn't hurt from the vaccine anymore. Lesser of two evils maybe? That's ok though, I have a belly button filled with a shiny fat crystal and a smaller one above it at the top of the piercing. I like it, it's very cute. I may not have a flat tummy like Megan Fox but mine is cuter, it's attached to a moderately coherant person with a brain. Oy did I just bag on Miss Fox? My bad.

My ring looks like this one only the metal part is blue. I don't have a thing for blue but it was the only one they had that was titanium and you don't see the metal barely at all, just the crystal shows. In fact that bottom big crystal fills my entire belly button.

This pleases me and that's what it's all about now isn't it?


The Urban Cowboy said...

Hey Michelle, how bout some pictures of your tats and piercing?

MichelleSG said...

Ah I knew there would be one person who asked! All the responses I got for this post were from people on Facebook. All of them from other moms, most have piercings and tattoos and I had no idea. My belly button looks fine today, not all pissed off. I'll see if I can't get the other half to get some pictures. I can only take pics of my ankle tat by myself, the other is on my shoulder and the belly button would be an awkward self portrait!