Friday, September 4, 2009

I have photo editing software, really I do

But I have no patience. Plus I only have 1 computer at home that has the memory for doing any of the photo editing software and the pics and the hubby done got it infected with a computer virus. So I bought my camera in to work, downloaded the photos here and uploaded them into Photobucket. I am going to start the adventure of having the pics stored there instead of by Blogger. That way if something bad happens and I get pissed at Blogger and want to start my own domain I don't have to stress as much. No one reads my archives anyway. Plus the pics from now on are going to be with the new camera, fresh start and what not right? The down side is that I have yet to edit any of them, sorry. Oh and I also wasn't able to figure out how to put the re-sized pics up linked to PB, again, I'm a loser. I'll figure it out. Someday.

So last week I got a wonderful visit from the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world (I'm biased, deal with it)

I've written about Tabitha before (here and here), she was my best friend in my last years of college. We worked together as vet techs. We went to school together and our math courses often were the same. We even took a Calculus II course over the summer from a guy who wore really tight white Levi's. A total tragedy. Both the course and the pants. We were hardcore in trying to understand that class and we drove that teacher NUTSO. Yeah I was the student that all teachers dreaded. Asked every question that could possibly be asked and then a few extra just because I'd been in school waaay too long. Tabitha was pregnant with her second child and her first was still a toddler. We drove that man up the friggin wall. We passed but I ended up retaking the course since I just did not get it.

But I digress, Tabitha came with her boyfriend to Austin this past weekend while he had business to do out here. It's 70 miles away from us and a total no brainer. I'd drive way farther to go and see her. The last I saw her she had 2 kids (she's got 3 now) and it was February of 2000. Almost 10 years, dang! We met up at Freddy's Place, a fav of ours since it has good food, outdoor seating, is dog friendly, and most importantly a playground for kids.
See, had to get a pic of the dog sitting next to us. Since he was bigger than most of us...

There's a stage too that a performer is normally on but there weren't any shows right then. But that's ok, Tab and the kid went up and monkeyed with the tripods up there. Then when they were done a bunch of other kids got up there, tried to do the same and got busted by the staff. Haha!

Tabitha is so in love with children and sooo good with them. She managed to play with the kid on the stage,

Do up her hair

Watch her play Nintendo DS

Play with her in the misters

And there was some dancing on the porch involved there too but I didn't have my zoom lens so you can't but barely see them in the way far off of the pictures I took. See, 3 lenses isn't enough. One must always bring all their lenses, now I know. I went crazy enough with the camera though. Look like a dang Japanese tourist by the end of the day!

We spent hours there with them talking about how life has been in the years since we've seen each other. She has, thankfully, gotten rid of her ex husband (hence the 'ex') and has found a lovely man in her life, George.

She says she treats her like a princess so I find him perfectly acceptable. No really, I do like him, he's a very nice guy and Tabitha deserves the world. When he gives it to her then I'll up my opinion of him.

All in all it was a fabulous time, we are planning on doing an east coast trip someday and visiting them. If the opportunity came up we would move up near them in a heartbeat. I would absolutely LOVE to be around Tabitha on a regular basis, truly. I miss her. I missed her as soon as we drove away.

Love ya Tab, and I'm really glad you had a fun vacation in Austin!!


Susan DeAngelis said...

Wow -- that looked really fun!

East Coast? That's where I'm at -- here in ny.

Great pics!

MichelleSG said...

They are in MD, rural Washing DC area. I lived there for 6 years, visited NY twice. Once in NYC and once to up state NY. Both trips were FABULOUS. I love NY!

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time with the patience, too. And not just with photo editing software...