Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homosexuality "represents the dead end of human development"

A statement spoken by Ukrainian Orthodox Church spokesman Father Georgy Gulyaev. Really now who are these freaks? Apparently Elton John and his husband (yes, it's legal in England, home of the more enlightened than the right wing US) were (are?) trying to adopt a 14 month old HIV positive baby boy in the Ukraine. Here's the commentary, Let Elton John and his partner adopt. It's really funny, I like the author but please note it's a commentary and not "official" news. They were denied. Of course. On the grounds that they are too old. Too gay more like. I mean really this is Elton John we're talking about here. How could that boy do any better? He's got HIV, no one else is going to adopt him and no one else can give him the health care and love that Elton and David can. Ever. Do you disagree? Can you imagine what kind of life he would have with them? And can you imagine what kind of life he's going to have without them? It's not a pretty thought by any means.

And oh lordy the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Does it get more archaic than them? They make the Roman Catholic Church look like new age Birkenstock wearing hippes. I think they still do animal sacrifices and maybe even throw in a few virgins to boot. They are the ones making these policies. You know they have some sort of strangle hold on the government policies. I've never even been there and I am absolutely sure that the good Father Gulyaev has his sticky little fingers in all the politics over there. Don't get me started on what rules he breaks either, all those 'celibate' religions have some seriously big ass horrifying skeletons in their closets.

You know what Elton and David need to do? Pay the Russian mafia to get the kid. Those guys are bad ass and the only thing nastier then the Orthodox Church over there. And don't tell me Elton doesn't have that kind of spare cash. You know he'd totally pay bank for the kid.

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