Thursday, December 10, 2009

I have the COOLEST friends ever

Do you love the measuring cups? The hubby, kid, and I went to the local frou frou mall (La Cantera in our hood) at some point a month ago and I felt the need to show the hubby Anthropologie, a store I love but own nothing in. Because, well, it's frack off expensive. Worse than Guess in the 80's. We saw these little measuring cup sets and knew one of them would be perfect for his mom. She's very much into cooking and this particular set (the Puffer Bird) would match her kitchen (newly fully remodeled) perfectly. My mother in law is in her 70's, she already owns everything so finding delightful presents for her is a rarity, obviously we were dead set on getting her this measuring cup set.

I sent the hubby to the mall yesterday. Guess what? They were all out. They had the other cute sets (which I'd love to get for myself, specifically the Matryoshka Cups, I have a thing for these dolls)but not the one we wanted for his mom. Here's where the uber cool friends come in to play. I could have ordered them on line and had them mailed to her and gift wrapped but it would have cost me over $50. So impractical don't you think? I then got creative.

I called the stores in San Diego (our home town) to see if they had them in stock. They did. Of course. I followed that phone call with one to our friend Alison, seeing if she was willing to brave a mall in San Diego in the month of December for me. She was not only willing to but wanted to go to one south of her, outside of the city limits (less crowded ya know), pick up the present, wrap it, and then deliver it for me. Tell me this woman isn't amazing? She ROCKS. It is now 8 pm San Diego time, she has already gone and picked up the cups (I called the store and paid for them over the phone) which the store actually wrapped for me for free(awesome)and is on her way over to my mother in laws house to drop it off.

How's that for efficient Christmas shopping? I think from now on I'm going to make a list of what I want for the family in San Diego, call up the stores, buy the presents, have them wrapped, then paying Alison to go and get them. I figure if I do it all in November she may not say no. All in all I am pretty sure that there are few others out there as giving as this woman and she is on the top of my list for a getting cool ass present from me this year. Isn't she awesome?


aweesan said...

You know I'd have done it without you sending me anything- what a surprise that was after I left your in laws' house!
Yours is the first under her tree (which reminds me of a miniature one from the 'del this year!)

You're very welcome :-) and you're making me blush...


m0to said...

I happen to think she is pretty awesome too!!!

MichelleSG said...

Woman I didn't give you the Sock Dreams because you did me a favor. I gave it to you because I was intending on doing it anyway and speaking to you just reminded me to get on the ball and do it!

Death before Decaf! said...

Thanks Alison.
You are the bestest!
We miss your face!