Friday, December 18, 2009

Shopped and shipped!

And, miraculously, right and I mean RIGHT before I came down with the kid's cold. She was sick on Sunday, worse on Monday, but better (and still kept home) on Tuesday. We've all gotten our flu shots (both seasonal and H1N1) so the only thing we should be getting this year is colds. And we seem to be getting all the cold viruses going around. Yay! Not. I stayed home with her on Monday (took her out for a few errands but she was fine with that) and managed to finish making our Christmas cards. The hubby stayed home with her on Tuesday, I managed to mail the cards out then (thank God). I was ok for work on Tuesday but by Wednesday I woke knowing I had it. I still went to work since I had already missed one day. I suffered through it but managed to get through the work day and stopped at the automated shipping center at the post office to mail all of the presents that needed to be mailed. While coming down with a cold. I was so thrilled. Really not so much. Relieved, yes, thrilled, no energy for thrilled.

That means my Christmas cards were mailed by December 15th, my packages by December 16th. While I was sick (please note, do not lick the Christmas cards I sent you, ok? OK.). And if they don't make it there by the 25th I'm sorry. Well ok not terribly sorry, I'm sure on some level I do care but not on one of those upper levels I pay attention to. I went out this evening and wouldn't you know it my neighbors have pulled the entire contents of their garage out and have started hacking back their oak tree so they could hang lights on it. 7 days before Christmas. And they are just starting to trim their trees. At 8pm on a Friday night. I thought we were the strange neighbors. Apparently not. I don't even want to know if they've gotten any of their Christmas stuff done, the answer might give me hives.

Speaking of which I am so done with it all it's not even funny. I think I've chronicled the tree buying here yes? The shopping I did all by myself and I chronicled some of that too right? It's done and if I missed something tough shit, next year they can buy it themselves. And then last weekend we managed to get out lights up outside and the rest of the inside of the house trimmed. I really love the garland we put on the stair rails and over the mantle. If I could get away with leaving it up all year long I totally would. Looks kinda strange mid summer here though ya know? If there's one thing I like about this season it's the garland. I could do without the rest.

The good news? I managed to finish it all and I don't have anything last minute to do. As far as I'm concerned it's done. I'm over it. Can we have New Years now? My work has their holiday party tomorrow night and it's really scary. I have some really really big rolley polley women at my work. Most of them latino with a love of mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip liner, hair spray, high heels, and spandex. See where I'm going with scary dress up party here? I only go for one reason, they have a prize drawing that includes a very large flat screen tv. Seriously that's the only reason we go. I don't bring a camera since I don't want the lens to shatter in fear. Lord knows there are some things in there that should not be seen by small children much less man kind in general.

I'm sorry, have I gotten of track? Again? It's the holiday season and I've had too many cookies. The sugar crash is getting to me.

Happy Holidays, and drive safe. Every lunatic that doesn't drive the other 355 days out of the year is out right now and it's scary....

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stephanie @ said...

Dude. I'm jealous. I haven't finished my shopping (for both presents and food), I never got around to Christmas cards, I haven't done any baking, and we still don't have a tree. Behind much? Why, yes. Yes, I am.

Anyway, I hope you feel better (or are feeling better). Have a wonderful holiday!