Monday, December 21, 2009

Yeah, she just had to go and ask

Again. The kid has been making noise as to the validity of Santa this lovely season. And when I say making noises I mean asking a billion times whether or not he's for real. I commented to the hubby that if she asks one more time that I was giving it up. Really, it's not like I birthed a moron right? Breed 2 Mensa level geeks and you can't get stupid. Too bad too, we could have held out the Santa thing longer.

Actually, scratch that. I'm tired of hiding the Santa bag, other pattern wrapping paper, and wondering if she'll notice that the 'to' and 'from' tag is written in the same hand writing as all the rest of the presents. Lets face it, you can only fake it for so long. If she hadn't asked me that one more time and I hadn't told the truth I was planning on printing the labels out on the computer. I still have Santa's wrapping paper in the back of my car. It would be in the trunk but I drive a Jeep, there's no real trunk. It's just a space/hole in the back. A real bitch to hide things in too might I add.

It wasn't as bad as I thought. She took it very well, wasn't too disappointed. I sugar coated it a bit and now she's kinda pleased that she knows a 'big kid' secret and has been trusted to keep it from other kids. She has one friend I know knows the truth about Santa. He's the only one she's allowed to talk to about it. I think it helps that she is good friends with another kid that knows the big kid secret. Kinda like an exclusive club thing right? She's very good about these things so I'm not worried.

This is just the first of a slew of disaster talks though ya know. She's already gotten the drugs talk (school segues into that one) but I dread the sex talk. Yeah, I know, she's 8 and we probably should have already broached this subject but there's this suburbia issue. Once a kid knows about these things it's not like the Santa secret. They are going to go to school and talk about sex. She's not going to talk about Santa because there's no unknown. Sex is a whole different disaster. I don't mind my kid knowing the gory details at a young age. I do mind her going to school and discussing it with other kids. Especially since I'm sure it won't take long for the parents to freak the hell out. We're in Texas, bible thumpin land. I'm cool with her going to church occasionally with her friends. I'm not so cool with the puritanical anti-sex teachings that come with the bible thumpers. I for see some future issues with us Calis in the bible belt ya know?

Santa, only the tip of the iceberg.


Trailboss said...

I remember when Ryan was 7 and asked if Santa was real. I said "are you sure you want to know?" He was so I told him that Santa was his mom and dad and they we loved him very much. He then quipped "Does that mean there is no Easter Bunny?" lol I had to laugh. The sad thing is that I forgot that night after he was in bed to fill his stocking. He came to my bed at about 5am saying "Momma, do I not get my stocking filled now?" I felt SO bad I told him to get straight back to bed and quickly filled the stocking to the brim and then some. Then all was well in the household. I love that memory of him. I am going to ask him Friday if he remembers it. If not, I will tell the story in great detail for he can have that memory. It is priceless.

MichelleSG said...

Oh man you forgot to fill his stocking?! Harsh woman! I'm sure he remembers, mistakes moms make the child always remembers. That way they can blame all of their 'issues' on us!

The Urban Cowboy said...

I can barely remember all the "grown up" talks with my son, glad I'm done!