Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The two-fer

This past Saturday was my work's Christmas party. We go every year because they give away door prizes and the food is good. The company is ok but realize that I work at a LARGE doctors office and the help that is hired at most of these places are barely high school educated. Most are GED people and most come from and continue on the great practice of teen pregnancy. In volume. It's pretty disenchanting but makes for a hella funny (terrifying?) fashion show at the annual Christmas party. Picture a bunch of latino women in their 30's and 40's, bodies a wee bit post 3-4 kids, all squeezing into their old prom dresses from high school. Spandex of course, to accommodate. Can you picture it? Yeah, you don't really want to do ya? Oddly the worst outfit did not belong to one of these fine ladies. No, it belonged to the much hated bean counter/micro manager who decided to wear this orange, yes orange, Chinese themed...pants suit? That looked like very poor fitting pajamas. On a tall, broad white woman. The hubby kept making jokes like "Maybe she'll get clown shoes for Christmas to match.". Seriously, it was a bad color, cut, and fit. Nasty person with a horrid outfit, gotta love the holidays!

The whole point of this post isn't to make fun of my fellow employees though, really! They do a good enough job of that themselves. The point of this was that for last Saturday night we sent the kid to spend the night at her friends house. They wanted her at 4pm so we went straight from dropping her off to a 4:20 showing of New Moon. Yes, we took the first opportunity we had to go to the movies. The party started at 7:30, we figured we could squeeze a movie in first, yes?

You probably want to know our opinion of said movie. I didn't see the first one in the theaters but I did see it on dvd. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be after all of the scathing reviews I had heard so I knew New Moon wasn't going to be disappointing. This one had a bigger budget due to the huge following. Plus I had the benefit of reading the books. The first movie didn't need any back story and it didn't matter if you'd read the books. New Moon, not so much. The hubby hasn't read the books and doesn't intend to but he wanted to see the movie in the theaters. Realize that we're geeks and sci fi movies always call to us. The trailers showed enough promise to warrant the hubby's interest so I knew that we'd be going once we finally had a chance. Our verdict? It was good, very good. He needed a little bit of explanation for a few things but if you didn't have it you could still enjoy the movie. It was a wee bit melodramatic at points but it's a vampire movie, what do ya expect? I am definitely in the "Team Jacob" club, I don't know what girls see in Edward, seriously. Skinny white boy in make up or the tanned 6 pack that the Indian boy pulls off fabulously. Hello, no contest. All in all we were pleased with the movie, especially their werewolves. They made them look exactly the way we think they should look. I told you, we are geeks, we have a specific preference for the way werewolves are depicted.
How can one even compare the two? I have no idea.

We went to the party after the movie. Arrived fashionably late (8:15) and couldn't stand the mexican polka music for too terribly long so we left but 9:30. There was a method to this madness though, last showing of Avatar in 3D was at 10. Yes, we were going for a sci fi geek two-fer. The kid was gone for the night so we were going to get everything we could for the evening. While New Moon was one we had been planning on seeing for awhile, Avatar was a spur of the moment "We need to see this movie so we should see it right now". Which, as it turns out, was the best decision of the evening.

Lets just start out with total honesty here, the hubby and I don't normally like 3D. At all. It's tedious and normally isn't a good enough bonus to warrant the headache. Still, it was what was playing when we were available so 3D it was. I thought it would be another bad 3D experience since I've never had a good one. They always look fake and forced, like they created specific scenes with 3D in mind but didn't flow well with the story line. As in, "We're putting this in just so you flinch". This movie was so not that. It was FABULOUS. Yes, there was a bit of vertigo upon leaving the 3D when it was over. It was 3 hours long for crying out loud. And worth every minute. I don't care if you are not a sci fi person at all, I still think you'll love the movie. I had no idea we were in there for 3 hours, it was that good. Lots of action, a love story that wasn't cheesy, and a moral to the story too. They make humans the bad guys with lots of parallels to what we tend to do to indigenous people i.e. American Indians. Loved it. Highly recommended. If you get a free chance treat yourself. I can even say the 3D is worth it. Try it, you'll like it!


The Urban Cowboy said...

I don't think I would have the patience to sit for 3 hours at a theater...but I have heard that Avatar is worth it from others. Wishing ya'll a merry Christmas!

stephanie @ said...

Oh, gosh. Don't get me started on Team Edward vs. Jacob. We all know how I feel and who I'm in love with. (EDWARD!) I'm sorry, but I can't get over Taylor Lautner's age and height. I'm taller than he is! But those abs... those arms... yeah, I can see why some lean in that direction.