Wednesday, March 2, 2011

19 + 4 weeks update

Yes, you guys are going to get sick of my health updates but such is life. I'm over the cold, the kid got it last weekend but the hubby was able to stay home with her on Monday so it was all good. This past Sunday we went clothes shopping for her and I think I walked too much. Result, I started having mega Braxton Hicks contractions. Like MEGA. I am not one to call my doctor unless I really have to. I was calling her on Monday. And on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday too. Because by Tuesday night the pain was pretty bad, a good 4-5 on a 1-10 scale. I can tough it out without meds, it wasn't that bad. Still, I didn't want this newbie popping out quite that early. That would be bad. I'm not starting this whole process again after I've already gotten halfway through, no way. It's now or never time.

Getting a hold of a doctor is not nearly as easy as one would like. It all depends on how good the MA is and the only good one my doctor has had left because the administration there drove her nuts. I totally understand but all her subsequent replacements have sucked. This most recent one doesn't suck as bad as the last one but I started this process on Monday. Finally got a response on Wednesday. Good thing my body wasn't actually pushing out my perfectly healthy baby huh? For those of you who don't know much about the medical field the medical assistants that see you when you go to the doctors know how to 1) take your blood pressure, weight and temp and 2) write down what the issue is. That's it. They don't have a degree, they hopefully have a high school degree but not always. Reassuring huh? We have a few at the clinic I work at that have made a long term career out of it and are wonderful. I know we have a few that are raving morons. These are the people who police your phone calls to your doctor. Really, how can that system be anything less than inherently flawed? That is one of the main reasons I start calling early if I think something might become serious. By the time the doctor gets the message I may already be at the critical point. Note, I have already informed my doctor that if I think something is seriously wrong I'm just showing up at the office after I call. She's ok with that which is one of the reasons I really like my doctor. Actually shes ok with a lot of my...personality issues (?)....I'm being politically correct here. I am adamant about a few things that she knows will probably piss off some of her partners at the practice. She's asked me not to be mean to them if I end up going into labor and get someone who is not on board with what I want (very high likelihood). I'm going to try but if they give me any lip it's going to get ugly. I have a pack of she bitches at my back, 2 of which deal with doctors on a daily basis at work.

So here's what the doctor seems to think about this current burst of contractions/pain : they aren't contractions. At some point in the last 3 years I developed fibroids. A lot of them. Actually an inordinately large quantity of them, some very big. All together enough so that I'll be having ultrasounds at least every 4-6 weeks at the specialists to make sure the baby's growth is not being hindered. It's not likely but we'll be monitoring it just in case. What my doctor thinks is happening is the blood flow to these monster fibroids is being cut off so that more blood can got to the placenta. The fibroids, in the meantime, are suffering a sort of mini heart attack and are disintergrating. Causing pain. The upside, they're going away and the baby is not being harmed. The downside, it hurts like a beotch. Kinda like mega- menstrual cramps. Fun stuff huh?

You know it's bad when, at 19 weeks, your doctor says to you 'This is going to be a rough pregnancy'. Yay me! This is it folks, never again.....

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