Saturday, February 23, 2008

2 down, 6 more to go

This is going to be a little whining post. Just a little on though since it should be my dh having it but he posts so rarely I'm just going to do it for him. I have a new thing for roses. New because I've never had my own yard to plant in until we moved here. My mil has an incredible garden, the entire front yard being terraces of roses. Hybrid teas (not my fav but my dh's fave) that grow well in So Cal. My favs are English roses, David Austins mostly. They don't do well in So Cal but are going strong here for me in south central Texas. I just love that the petal counts are like 70 per bloom, they look like full tissue boxes. Anyway I buy them bare root usually and I pot them up to be planted when the weather isn't a bazillion degrees. Well I had 5 from last summer that still needed to be planted and then I got a bare root Evelyn from my mil then 2 more bare root Austins at Costco (so cheap!) so that adds 3 more holes that needed to be dug. So 6 holes total I need. Anywhere else this might not be the big ordeal that it is here but we live in hill country, 2" of dirt and all the rest is solid rock. Oh and if that isn't hard enough there's all of the neighbors cable and phone lines running through our yard and the sprinkler system. We've hit them all, it's terrible. I've had the lines marked by the companies but they weren't accurately marked at all. Sooo now we dig the top 6" slowly with a hand trowel until we know that there are no lines then we go at it with a pick ax. It takes a good long while to dig one hole and the dh lasts for about 2 holes and then we hang it up for the day. I'd dig the hole myself but it'd take me over an hour for one hole, no lie, I've tried.
So the dh was sweet today and dug me 2 holes this afternoon and we planted the Chiantis (the pic is not of my Chianti's, they are someone else's on the Garden Web. Count is now at 2 down, 6 more to go. I want a few trees too, the ones I love and we bought last year did not survive. The weeping redbud was frozen by the easter freeze and the weeping pink cherry bled out. Something chunked it's trunk and all the sap drained out of it. I'd love to get a replacement for both of them but dang the size holes you have to dig are insane for what you have to go through here.

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