Friday, February 15, 2008

The big dog is wired wrong

That's why he's a card carrying member of the Prozac nation. We've done the whole trainer thing and learned a lot from her but ultimately Jaynie is just brain jacked. He snaps sometimes and he really doesn't want to but it happens, he's austitic like that. So when we moved here my mother gave us an old dog crate they had that is the largest size you can get, like great dane sized. We have been putting both Jayne and Roxy in it when we leave (Corby gets his own little crate). We've noticed lately that Jayne has been getting bitchy with her in the crate, after a little over a year he's decided that it's just too close for him. So we went this evening to get Roxy her own crate. Word to the wise, if you have an Acadamy (sporting goods store) they have crates there cheaper than they have at pet stores. They are mostly for hunting dogs but hey, boxers are hunting dog sized so for $60 she has her own little private space. A girl's gotta have her own room right?
**Update** So the new crate for Roxy looks just like the old crate Jaynie came to us with originally when we adopted him (we left it in SD b/c it was too beat up to survive the trip). Now when we try to get them kenneled up he runs into it and he and Roxy get jammed up in the door way of it. Roxy is now just being redirected into the big huge crate as Jaynie is happily cramming himself in the large one. Freak of nature that he is. Good thing Roxy could care less which box she's locked into. Figures, the only stray we adopted is the most emotionally stable of the 3.

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