Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mutton Bustin', and other things I've learned about in school..

I have to renew my real estate license next month so I need to get my continuing ed taken care of. Quickly. So I had to do a 3 day course 12 hours each day this past Fri Sat and Sun. I, as usual, end up on what I call the 'short bus' table. Me and 3 men, all in their mid to late 20's. Buncha punk ass little shits but we survived. The teacher was a 70 yr old hard ass that rode the boys like the bad children that they were but they survived. Well one didn't come back for the last day so he was failed out but the other 2 made it. We totally blew off the class (it was sooo useless) and I was the one who did all the math problems and when the teacher came around to check the boys work they would quickly copy my work, the turds. I personally don't care, I knew enough to pass the test. I dunno if they did but that's not my problem. They may have been young but I'm not their mommy.
As for the mutton bustin' it was one of the many wild conversations we had (another one being the criticisms of local strip clubs). Apparently it's Rodeo time right now. We went last year but lets face it, we're not really 4h-ers and it's not nearly as fun as the Del Mar Fair (they changed the name of it but I don't care). So one of the guys was telling us about the mutton bustin contest which is little kids riding bucking bronco style on sheep. How flippin cute is that? We'll probably never be 4H-ers but I'd still love it if I could get my kid to have a little of the ranch experience. You never know...

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Shannan said...

My 5 YO DS wants to "ride a sheep" sooo bad...he would probably be really good at it, but seriously??