Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another 2 down!

And in the ground they go, 2 Christopher Marlowes. I still haven't figured out where most of the others are going to go though. We managed to avoid all lines so far at least. We were right next to and almost hit a sprinkler line and the electricals for it running along side it. If I ever run lines in my yard myself I'm putting 2x4s above them. Anyway my most important decision will be where I'm putting Evelyn, she needs a very good spot. We've got lots of space but I want her to not be randomly spaced (most Austins are put in groups of 3's in a triangular shape) but she's supposed to be a stingy bloomer so it's going to be a pain. Once I have them all in ground I'll be taking some pics for everyone. I have 1 flower in my garden right now (Kramer's Supreme Japonica Camellia) and I managed to plant it and take a picture. Wasn't easy either, there was a frantic bee loving on it. His legs were so heavily laden with pollen he looked like he had huge bright yellow chaps on. I had to wait until he fully loaded up because he wasn't liking me around his flower. I'll bet there are slim pickins out there right now and he'll be coming back all day long.

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