Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Early Mornings

So any one that knows me well knows I don't do early mornings. Even my 6 y/o dd asks her daddy why mommy sleeps like a teenager. She comes in our bedroom just before she leaves for school and gives me a kiss. I wake up when I hear her coming be she knows not to bother mommy on weekends. Daddy's the go to guy if she wants to be entertained and fed. The addition of the new puppy makes it even worse for him, the pup needs to go out immediately after waking. Anything shy of immediately will result in clean up on aisle 6. My poor honey, 'cause you know my butt isn't getting up...
Speaking of tortures suffered by the dh, I was taking a shower this morning and kept the pup in the bathroom with me. All things that he'd get in trouble with were put up (we put the trash can in the tub) except for what I thought was just the dh's boxers. Corbin (the pup) likes to drag them around. He doesn't damage them or anything. Frenchies have such wonky jaws they can't really do anything serious with their mouths. Anyway I didn't notice that dh had left his shorts down there too. I get out of the shower and there are two very wet pockets and no buttons. I check out the front to make sure that the button above the fly was still there (it was) and blew it off. You can tell an experienced dog mom when ingested items are ignored if they aren't bigger than the dog's head. Or a morning star.

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