Saturday, September 15, 2007

Stampin Up get togther

So I have a regular group of ladies that get together and do a Stampin Up party the 3rd Sunday of every month. It has it's benefits and draw backs that all get togethers of women do (especially ones that include shopping) but it is a nice scheduled time for me to get away and just do a wee bit of scrapping without the kid. I LOVE the fact that my little girl loves scrapping but then it becomes a time to help her out and not get something done on my own. The Stampin Up thing can be expensive though, their stamp sets usually run $20-30 and if you like 4 or 5 it adds up. Meeting every month kind of spreads it out though. This month is my month to hostess though so I'll be buying a bit more than normal. Scrapbooking really is an expensive hobby! Maybe I should just pony up and be a rep...

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Jovita said...

Beautiful cards... when I first stated stamping I use to say "look how much I'll save making my own cards"... yeah right! Hobbies can get pricey, lol.

Great blog, can't wait to come back and read more.