Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sock Dreams

OK so I'm watching the Disney channel with the kid and Mylie Cyrus comes on with a little video wearing thigh high tube socks and sock wristlets. Now mind you some of these Disney hookers look really trashy in their outfits but I really like Miley and she pulls it off in a tactful manner. But it reminds me of Sock Dreams, the coolest niftiest online sock store. And for you gentlemen out there who have a little thing for thigh highs on your women (those little short skirts don't hurt either) they're your place to go. They have sooo many different varieties it's amazing. Plus they post up reviews of each done by their employees, including the shipping guy. It's mostly women there (with large feet too but that may be the perspective of the camera) but people usually prefer pictures of womens legs to men so it's an obvious selling ploy...


Kimberly said...

Hey chica! lovin the blog so far! I really enjoy reading your stuff because u have a great ability to make me feel a part of the action! :)
Okay we must be really behind because I did not know about the new puppy and now I must come play!!

CL said...

Hi, M! Excellent little blog you have going here. (Not to mention that little photo for this post makes me start calling for the Wife!) ;o)

I'll keep you on my "To Read" list, now!