Thursday, September 27, 2007


Alright I haven't updated my blog in DAYS! It's been since Tuesday, that's just awful! I must have a bad case of the lazies. Not much has gone on though. One thing of note, the little girl made it though her entire swimming program at Swim Masters. We started her last November at the local competition pool (new and very impressive). There were so few students then she practically had a private instructor. She's continued on with classes with only a few weeks break over the summer because the classes were booked (it gets really busy during the summer) and we were in San Diego then anyway. She started out not knowing how to swim at all. She can now do the butterfly. I mean WTF, she's 5 yrs old. I was on the swim team in high school, I never even came close to doing that hellish stroke. She's not mastered it mind you but you can easily recognize the stroke when she's doing it. I just end up sinking myself....
Anyway she's now moving up to the big kids levels, the 6-18 yr old levels. Her father was not only on swim team in high school he was able to do all the strokes and compete. Like really compete on a state level. I suspect not only is her body style like his (she's long and lanky, I'm more of the short stocky type) but that she's going to go farther in the swimming field than she did in ballet. She doesn't groove on team sports, her friends do soccer and when we asked her if she was interested it was an immediate "No". I think her face probably had something more like "Are you smokin crack?" written on it but she's not quite that worldly yet. She is interested in martial arts though and the hubby refuses to send her to Karate classes like all her friends. No, he's a martial arts SNOB. She'll be going to Krav Maga, Isreali street fighting. Yeah, go ahead, fuck with my family. Did I tell you how excited B was when his ccw license came in the mail? Like a kid on Christmas, he was bouncing. What ever.
On that note there was an email going around to local San Antonio moms because there's some predator dude that's been going to homes during the day and knocking on the door pretending to be a contractor or something to get the woman to open the door. Then if they don't open the door he starts getting aggressive and beating on windows yelling threats, making the kids cry, etc. I read it and was disgusted, could you imagine what would happen if someone like that would try that at my house? First they'd have to get through the dogs. Not the easiest trick. Then there's one of the things we love about Texas (and are just waiting for an excuse to exercise), you can shoot people. Ah yes, people tell you to go and hide with a phone and call the police if someone is breaking in. Yeah, no. Sorry ain't gonna happen here. Threaten me and your life is forfeit and that's after I feed you to the dogs. But that's only if they managed to get through the door. I have no problem shooting some dumb ass through the door. And it's legal. I love Texas.

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Kimberly said...

go Miss E!! that is one bad little chick in training. I may need to get some pictures she has created because she may be an Olympic swimmer someday. :)