Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another birthday

This one is dual purpose, SCS Bella challenge located here and I needed a card quickly. My old boss has turned 40 and I wanted to send out a card right quick since I heard about it last minute. It took me about 8 minutes from digging out the paper and stamps to finish. The coloring is using Prisma pencils, the paper is MME and HL cardstock, the stamp is CosmoBella and The Cat's Pajama's for the words. Tres facile.
On another note we have a doctor friend (AirForce flight surgeon/er doc) that brought home extra flu vaccines for us. The intranasal kind so the kid didn't have a hissy fit over taking it. Anyway I never get the flu vaccine, why? Because it always gives me a mild case of the flu. I hate it, the kid and hubby are fine but me, 3 days out I feel icky. Does it mean I won't be tagged as hard later in the season? Maybe. Who knows. The pros and cons of the flu vaccine are, like most vaccines, debatable.


Deb said...

Wow only 8 minutes! I don't think I've ever done a card in 8 minutes! I'll have to try it! This is too cute! Love the other cards on your blog also. Hope you feel better soon!

shanna said...

I got the flu shot.. and now I have the mini-flu.