Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weather in Texas

I looked down at the little weather window while on the CNN website and this is what it showed:

HI 80°F | LO 43°F

HI 52°F | LO 37°F

Now take a good look at that. Today 80, Tomorrow 52
That's 30 friggin degrees difference! We've done this a few times this month and let me tell you it's just funky. Today is a gorgeous day. Beautiful blue skies, slight breeze, just beyond lovely. I should be out there digging holes to plant my potted roses. Why? Because tomorrow they could be frozen to death. It just seems wrong. I'm so used to living next to the pacific ocean. When you live next to a large body of water the temperature just doesn't fluctuate like that, the water keeps it stable. Boy nothing says 'landlocked' like a 30 degree temperature sway overnight. This is Texas though and I suspect that it'll be back to 80 again in another week.

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