Friday, November 30, 2007

It's been awhile

Why? Because on Thanksgiving day my brain exploded. Like literally. Had a nice little stroke (AVM) on the right side of my brain. Came downstairs with the worst headache in the whole world ever, really. Made me puke. The nausia was overwhelming. I collapsed trying to make it to the sink. The kid was there with me asking if I was ok an wanting to know of I wanted her to get daddy (yes please) and so she went up and got him. I could not get up by myself, the left half of my body did not respond. The hubby proceeded to call our neighbor Dr. Jay (ER doc) who came over and called the paramedics and sent me on the Methodist Hospital (great hospital) were they cut my head open and drained off all the extra blood ands stopped the bleeding that was filling my brain and making my life really bad. My mom was there, the kid stayed at the Dr. Jay's house (we have such great friends) and the hubby and my mom had a fall apart OMG moment of what were they going to do with me if I didn't make it. At that point the doctor was still talking about how he was going to try and save my left side. It was a bit touch and go. My dad was called and he flew out as did the hubby's mom. The outpouring of love from all of our friends has been incredible. The neighbors have been cooking and feeding my family for a week now. My friends and coworkers have been visiting the hospital and sending cards and flowers, apparently streams of ministers came through to visit with B while I was under the knife. He let a catholic nun pray over me at one point. This is big for him...he must have been sure I was gone. I am taking he and the kid to services with some people I like this weekend (if I can hack it) so that if anything else happens he has someone he can call. Right now I'm at a rehab clinic in San Antonio (RIOSA, very nice place). I'm apparently doing well and have screwed the age curve here, most people are well into their 70's. On a side note friends and family, this is a freak thing that can happen to anyone. Those with high blood pressure and/or bad eating habits should be very paranoid, it's damn scary and kills right quick. RIGHT QUICK. I should be dead. Take note and learn people. I have big seams in my scalp/skull. I'll post pics when I get home.


CL-Meister said...

Girlie, you are living proof (literally) that attitude makes the difference. I've little doubt that upon experiencing the trauma to your system as you did, the whole time you were thinking, "I don't have time for this bullshit."

I have been through a few things (not quite as traumatic as your recent obstacle, but certainly nasty), and I have to say that the attitude that you keep is a MAJOR factor in the survival/healing process.

"I am GOING to get better."

"This is NOT going to keep me down. "

"I've got stuff to do, dammit!"

That type of positive, aggressive attitude WILL save a person from an otherwise debilitating situation.

This is my firm belief.

It is also my firm belief that we're all quite happier with your butt right here, as you were. No excuses. Let's make that clear.


So, you take care and know that we're here for ya...

Alison said...

Did they say if high blood pressure/stress ore diet was culprit? Regardless, I know we are all thankful you're doing well!

I have to agree with CL, because there are few people in this world who are stubborn in the *right* (i.e. productive)ways!

Now, as for the nun, I'm sure B figured that good thoughts, regardless of from whom or what denomination, would hurt. :) If your next meal is a spaghetti dinner, we can chalk it up to the presence of the Noodly One for whom we know B proudly serves ;-)

On a more serious note but happy nonetheless, we're all sure glad you're here!

Becky said...

Wow that is certainly scary! SOOO glad you're ok though!