Monday, November 5, 2007

Hanna Stamps and Bella Band

Two totally unrelated things but since I'm lazy it'll be one post. This evening my Hanna Stamps came in, yeah!! I also found out that she's going to be releasing new sets every 3 weeks until she gets a good amount in her line, then she'll release new ones every 4 weeks. Sooo wrong. I need to start my own stamp company damnit. I just need to learn how to draw... Until then I'll continue to hone my coloring skills up to that of a 6 year old and cross that start up business hurdle when I get to it. Tonight I'll stamp some Hanna images and tomorrow maybe I'll get time to color!! Give me a week and I may even assemble a whole card. I'm obviously on the short bus of the card making world.

As for the Bella Band lets start off with I'm not preggers, I'm not even planning on being so in the near or not so near future. So why did I have to hunt one of these things down? Well when I moved out to San Antonio last fall I started noticing this rash on my tummy. It started to get out of control irritated and icky. I went to the doctor, he took one look at it and said I was allergic to my metal belt buckle. Damn. Now metal allergies are not a new one in my life. I can't wear earrings, like, at all. Some people can only wear gold or platinum or stainless steel even. I can't wear any metal at all. Even clip ons. Within 5 minutes the skin starts to itch, 10 minutes bleed, by 30 minutes there's puss oozing from the skin. It. is. Gross. So the fact that I was allergic to the metal belt buckle was bothersome, now I had to buy a plastic belt buckled belt, but no biggie. Now phase II of the allergy has hit. All summer long I didn't worry about it, it's too hot in Texas to wear jeans. Come this fall a few days (not a lot, just a few) have been cool enough to get back in them. Well you know how the back of the button comes through to the inside of the pants? Yeah, now I'm sensitive enough to get a vile reaction from that wee bit of metal. So what do you do? I tried a camisole but that's just too much clothing to be adding to cover up a 1/4" piece of metal and sometimes they ride up, defeating the whole purpose. A girlfriend of mine suggested I sew a bit of fabric on the back of all the buttons but I love jeans, I own like 10 pairs, and I hate sewing through denim. It's a bitch to sew through and I break a needle every time. So I was at a friends house like 8 months ago and she had just had a baby. She shows me her bella band and says "I love this thing". Now I was looking for something like this to solve my problem. Let's get one thing straight right now, I'm not wearing a girdle. Nope, not gonna happen, I'm just not there yet. Tube tops don't stay in the right place and they're even harder to find than these suckers. Anyway I drove out to the foo foo maternity store, explained my use of this thing and was promptly asked if I had kids and if I was going to have more. Boy, not at those clothes prices let me tell you! Cute clothes but dang....


shanna said...

I use clear nail enamel on all the metal stuff that touches my skin- rings, backs of buttons, watch clasps, earring findings, necklaces etc.

Have to re-do it every few washes or so, but it stops the bubbling skin effect.

As for earrings and chains- when I deign to buy them- I use Simply Whispers. They have plastic-post earrings that don't look like poo.

Amelia said...

my fiance is allergic to metal also...esp gold. It actually burns an image of the jewelry into his skin. He can only wear surgical grade which is what most body piercing jewelry is made out of....look online to find out the exact grade...I can't rem off top of my head. I don't have any allergies. I came across this page cause I am pregnant and am looking up ideas on how to make bella like bands. Thanks.