Monday, July 6, 2009

And then there were books....

I have not been posting a lot lately. You see I have this problem...and by problem I mean it in a very "I'm an addict" kind of sense. I like to read. It is all time consuming really so like probably isn't the word. Again, the word is most likely addiction, but lets get past that shall we? The first step is admitting the addiction right? Too bad that doesn't help much.

I'm not sure how many pages have been read by me since I delved back into the land of books, I had been on a self imposed hiatus. Broken only because I decided it was time to start the Twilight series. Which I did. Finished all of them, in like, a week. See? Problem. I was on the fence about it. I enjoyed them but not as much as I wanted to. So me being me I went so far as to read Meyer's other non vampy book, The Host. I must say it is very good. I enjoyed it a lot and totally recommend it. I then moved on to more sci-fi/fiction (because that's what I read, bubble gum for the brain) and was delighted to stumble into another author that I had to read everything she has ever written (Patricia Briggs). Oh and it had been so long since I've sunk myself into reading some of my other fav authors had published more books. Yes, my addiction is so bad that I had been out of it for like a year. Charlaine Harris had published the latest in her Sookie Stackhouse series, I highly recommend it. And YES I read all of her books before True Blood came out. So many people don't even know that it was a written series long before it was an HBO show. I passed on my Harris books to at least 3 people years ago and they all loved her stuff. Great brain bubble gum. Not anything that is so amazing that you'd want to put it in to some hall of fame but making it a classic with a HBO series is perfection.

Now might I mention that there was a book mentioned in an incredibly sweet blog I like a lot (no this doesn't mean I'm warming to religion) This is Reverb. He mentions a book he was reading in his men's group, Wild at Heart by John Eldridge and this terrible funny anecdote about how he was trying to be adventurous and just ended up puking. Hey, it happens. There was that last time when I thought the roller coaster my kid and hubby were on didn't look that bad. I don't do roller coaster rides. I barely do windy roads when I'm driving, I'm the motion sickness queen. It was Tony Hawk's Big Spin. Don't do it people, trust me on this one. It looks ok but no. I got on and I swear I was going to DIE.

But the book! I was mailing something off at work and the mailroom guy is a nice religious guy and we chat whenever I see him. He was talking about how he was reading this new book and dontcha know, it was Wild at Heart? I asked if I could borrow it from him when he was done. Apparently it had a big affect on him too and I just want to see what it's about. It really is a 'man' book (not geared toward women at all) but I don't care. I was raised by my dad and have never been able to live with a woman much less relate to most of them. I really am geared more towards men. Such is life but I suspect I'll enjoy the book. So happy to find someone to not only loan it to me but we can discuss it too!

Total book dork I know.

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Kimberly said...

I am right there w/ you babe-my passion before crafting was books!! I had neglected this fav. past time but this summer I have been all over it. I just finished a 3 book series by Penny Vincenzi in short time, none less than 600pages. It was about a family, the head of it being one hell of a woman and spans many decades starting early 20th century. Hubby asks me all the time do I understand what I read cuz I read so fast.
Enjoy your reads-what else to do in this heat, lol