Saturday, July 25, 2009

How I spent my Saturday

The hubby went paintballing today which I am totally cool with since I was just in a not wanting to do anything of import kind of mood. He was putting some new music on my iPhone this morning before he left when it asked if we wanted to upload the newest software update. Sound benign? It usually is. About 20 minutes later he comes downstairs with my iPhone. It's locked up on him and he can even get it to hard boot. THIS is why I hate software upgrades, they are from the devil and I can't stand them.

So I wasn't wanting to do anything today. Well maybe have my nails done but really, sitting with a book and not leaving the air conditioned house was real high up there on my to do list. Going to the Apple store? Not so much. Do ya'll remember how bad it used to be when you had some problem with your cell phone and you had to go to the cell phone store and wait forever in a line? Yeah, Apple store, on a Saturday. Oh and low and behold I was not the only person in line with an iPhone with the same screen saver on it basically saying that the software upgrade had jacked it good. Apparently the iPhone doesn't like getting software upgrades from pc's as much as they do from Macs. Fancy that! The next time I get a spare few grand I guess I'll just plunk it down for a Mac so I can upgrade my iPhone randomly. Not. Stupid Apple. I love them to death but really, they are smarter than this. If the iPhone has issues this common they need to open small stores just for iPhone support. Seriously.

The line was so long and they were so behind I had to make an appointment for later in the day and come back. Nice. And it's not like I could just blow it off, it's my cell phone. How long has it been since we were able to function without the damn things? Not so long ago, and yet...

So I left there with an afternoon appointment and got my nails done. Went home, read for like 45 minutes, and then went back out in the heat to get the dang thing fixed. They basically had to wipe the whole thing and then install the updates. Like I gave a rats ass about the updates in the first place. I use it as a phone and iPod. Everything else it does is a waste on me. Sad no? Hey it was free and I like it better than the Blackberry Pearl I traded it for.

I don't think I'll be getting anymore updates for it and if I do I'll only do it if I take it in the store. Have ya'll spent a full day or weekend with out your phone? I realized I have very few phone numbers kept anywhere else other than my phone. I'm glad iTunes is a back up for me. My iPhone is presently plugged into this computer with "Sync in Progress" written on the screen. It's been like that for almost 20 minutes. Here's to hoping it syncs....

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