Saturday, July 18, 2009

It rained briefly this afternoon

I mention this because we have had NO RAIN of measure yet this year and every day this summer (and most of spring) has been triple digits. It didn't rain that much this evening, the cell was small and fast moving. Lordy though did we need it so we won't complain.

I was raised in a drought area, all of So Cal is basically a desert. Southern California pays to have their water piped in from out of state and has been ever since I could remember. Water restrictions have always been a way of life for me and the hubby so the fact that we moved to yet another hot city with no water is no big change for us. We are at stage 2 water restrictions right now. We can only use our sprinkler system once a week and only between the hours of 8pm-12am and 3am to 8 am. Cars can only be washed at these times too. Your day of the week depends on the last # of your address, no watering on weekends. This means while the temps have been out of control our lawns have turned to serious fire hazards. You are allowed to hand water at any point in time but when it's 10 bazillion degrees outside who the hell wants to stand around with a hose in their hand? I hand water my roses at 10 pm every other night. It's only in the upper 90's by then and the sun isn't beating down on me. Now you know why even the slightest bit of rain is welcome here.

I know there are a bunch of you out there that have water in abundance and have never been in water restrictions and don't know about the water police. The water company keeps a tab on how much water you use month to month and how much your average neighborhood household water usage in you neighborhood is. If you go above you will get a phone call. If they find your sprinklers on during non-allotted hours you will be fined. And you neighbors will turn you in. Seriously. I don't like bermuda grass (the kind we have in our lawn) so watching it die is no skin off my nose. Maybe if I had a nicer grass that wasn't so darn invasive I'd like it more. Good thing I don't though, it's all dead. Well except these nice green rings around the mulch circling my roses. My dogs tend to roll in the dead grass though, they tend to come in the house covered in hay. It's annoying.

This past rain would not be much of anything to mention except for one thing. We were out running errands, Costco to be exact. I was in flip flops (hey, it's still hot out) and the hubby was trying to move quickly and get into the store. I was following but not as quickly (my legs are much shorter than his). Once the asphalt ended and it turned to flat smooth concrete I was in trouble. Flat smooth newly wet concrete. It want south very quickly. I took maybe 4 steps when my feet went flying out from underneath me and I fell flat on my ass. HARD. There were at least 5 people waiting (all men) there that watched it all go down. And when I say all go down I'm talking about my ass. It wasn't pretty, no it wasn't pretty at all.

Sadly I should have been totally embarrassed but I was in too much pain to bother. My hubby was all bent and yanked me back up. I was in pain and wanted to be left on the ground and really didn't (still don't ) see why he had to yank me up off of the ground before I figured out whether or not I had broken my spine. He then proceeded to chastise me on my footwear like 5 times. I speak English, repeating the same thing to me 5 times only pisses me off. We've know each other over 20 years now, you'd think he'd figure this one out. For the record I am ok, my back has a crick in it but it's mild. I hit the ground damn hard, I'm considering myself lucky. My let palm is a bit chaffed too, again, no surprise there.

I'm still amazed that I wasn't embarrassed at all. At least 3 men I walked pass commented on my fall to me. Like "Damn that looked like it hurt". Really just the memory should make my face turn red. The pain in my spine makes it impossible for me to give a hoot. I swear, my coordination sucks. Did I ever tell ya'll about the time I was in a restaurant having pancakes and I dumped and entire warmed jar of syrup on my lap? The whole thing, warmed syrup. It was the strangest felling let me tell you. Falling on my ass and soaking my shorts in the rain? Whatevah. The only question that the hubby asked me after yanking me up was "Please tell me you don't have the camera in your purse". Hell no I didn't have my camera in my bag. Good grief I know myself better than that. My coordination sucks and I am smart enough to not carry delicate stuff in anything less than a Pelican Case.
(Yeah I wish this was my case...)


Sandy said...

Ouch! What a bummer of a fall...hope your butt and back aren't terribly sore for too long. I'm really proud of you for letting your kid go to San Diego for so long. Just know that the readjustment period can be hair wrenching :-) But you'll find out about that when she's back :-) Always glad to catch up with you and life through your blog. Thinking about you lots.
Sandy :-)

Sandy said...

Third time to try to make a comment, hopefully this time works!! Sorry about your fall, hope that the butt and back aren't in pain for terribly long...that's a nasty fall! Wow! Life without a child for a long time in summer - that's interesting. I'm sure she's having a blast, you're having a good time rememmbering what life is like without a young one around....the readjustment when she returns will be just as'll see when she's back. If you thought sleepovers had their backlashes, that much time away from home will have it's "fun" re-entry, but that's life as a parent and child.
Great to catch up on your life in your blog. I think of you often. Hope life is good to you always.
Sandy :-)

Kimberly said...

um ouch! I would have been in pain and embarrassed but thats just me. only a man would say that looked like it hurt-duh! reminds me of the time I fell face first into the road, yeah dont ask :)

Stephanie said...

Holy crap. I'm glad you're okay! A few days ago, I was at work and checked in a woman who had just fallen on the driveway out front. She wasn't hurt, but she was DAMN EMBARRASSED. And proceeded to take it out on me. Sigh.

I would have been embarrassed, too, though. I fell once in front of a bus full of senior citizens. My face is getting red just thinking about it.

Watch the back. If it keeps hurting, see a doctor! And smack the hubby for being such a pooper.