Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Eagle has landed

You know the hubby always refers to his eyebrows as 'Bird of Prey' eyebrows so I suppose that phrase is really apropos. I sent him off this afternoon to go pick up the off spring in San Diego. He was so excited to be going back 'home' (for lack of better phrase) and get to see his baby girl (it's been a really long while) and then also get a chance to visit all of our friends. It's been almost 2 years since he's been back and the kid has been away for gosh, 7 or 8 weeks now? Awhile. I know he's going to have a great time, he needs a beak too.

I can't remember when he was able to take a bunch of time off from work but it's well over due. Hell I'm well overdue I think I have something like 80 hours of unused vacation time. Too much don't you think? I will finish my project at work and I will take time off then. The bad news is that they have no one to really do my job when I'm on vacation so it may be a bit harder than just taking the days off. Ah well, job security I suppose.

So have I told ya'll what he plans on doing while in San Diego? He has 2 things he wants to do. #1 Go play paintball with our friend Jason. He spent the whole day packing all of his paintball gear plus some since Jas sold off his own gear. We have enough stuff here to outfit at least 3 ballers so it was no biggie. #2 He wants to go out to eat mexican food. Actually a whole bunch of food because San Antonio food is nothing but lard in volume. No quality whatsoever. The perfect example of American gluttony. In San Diego there is no lack of awesome food. Actually I don't think I've ever lived in a city that didn't have wonderful food until I moved here. No place is perfect though so we make do with what we have. I still find it funny though, the man's priorities are food and paintball. Whatever...

In the meantime I am at home taking care of the multitude of animals we have shackled ourselves with. I really must get around to training the neighbor's teen age son to take care of these beasts so that someday we can all go on a trip together. I don't think we've done that in ages. Actually I don't think we've done that at all. Sad huh?


Kimberly said...

okay, when is the party girl?! LOL
yes, I am very jealous that you have the ENTIRE house to yourself. I would sit with no tv on, no noise and just stare into space. After 12 years of parenting I dont need tropical islands, just somewhere that I cant hear 'mommy, so and so is bothering me and on and on..' enjoy!

MichelleSG said...

I kicked it on the couch, no tv, playing my music in the background, with a blankie on my lap, a Corbin on top of that and a book in hand. It was perfect. Until I figured out I had to wash my dishes after I ate. It kinda killed my buzz. I'm thinking take out from now on.

Stephanie said...

LOL or disposable dishes. Then you could just throw everything in the trash when you're done. Enjoy your alone time.