Friday, October 19, 2007

The 2 day marathon begins

So this weekend is the weekend we are celebrating the dd's 6th b-day (it's technically next week remember?). Today was round one, we began by waiting for the delivery of the jumpy thing which was supposed to be between 10 and 12. We then needed to drive the 20 minutes to the only So Cal Mexican food place in San Antonio (Los Robertos) to order the food. By 12:30 we still hadn't heard from them so we called, they managed to get here around 1. So we booked out after that, had lunch and ordered the food, left to come back to pick up the kid and managed to get here in time for school to let out. Of course we then had planned the Libby Lou adventure with 2 of her friends at school. Did you know you can fit 2 full sized and one compact booster seat in the back of a 4Runner? They were packed in like sardines but those seats weren't going anywhere, let me tell you! They had a grand time, makeup was done, as were the nails. Dressed up, and then added Hannah Montana wigs, damn they were cute. Then we drove to the Micky D's drive thru and packed them with french fries and chicken McNuggets. We got home and tossed them out back in the jumpy and let them burn themselves out. Niiice. By 6:30 I had the two girls dropped off at their respective homes and they are now hyped for the at home adventure tomorrow. Tomorrow we need to go to HEB and get the cake, Costco for the ice cream, ice , water, and what not, then Los Robertos to get the food. By the time the party starts at 5 I'm gonna be dead and probably not give a hoot about who shows up or whether or not we have enough food. Doesn't bother me a bit!
Oh and as to how the dogs reacted to the Jumpy in their backyard, Jayne is totally enamored with it. Now dogs are, of course, not allowed anywhere near the thing so hush up but damn that dog loves that thing! 70 odd pounds of boxer bouncing around and ploughing through little children with glee. Just too funny to not try at least once! He's not allowed in anymore but he does go to the front of it now and 'ask' to go in. So cute, so wrong.

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Kimberly said...

what a cutie!! I am so glad she enjoyed her birthday :)