Monday, October 22, 2007

My old home is burning

It's very sad to watch. We always knew it would happen again, the Cedar fire of 2003 was not a one time wonder. Historically there were always wildfires in east San Diego, that's why no one ever built there. Of course now it's only 4 years later and this new burst of wildfires is going like gangbusters. Faster moving and completely out of control. They don't expect it to stop moving west until it hits the ocean and then they fully expect it to move up and down the coast. I wonder how long it'll take to contain it once it does reach the water. The MIL has her best friend staying at her place since she was already evacuated. From Solana Beach. Let's think about that now, Solana Beach. There are mandatory evacuations for a beach community and this has only just begun. So not good. My dad lives very close to downtown, near Petco Park so if he's evacuated the city is, for all intents and purposes, gone. There are friends of mine that have already evacuated, 2 in Escondido and 2 in Ramona. Of course they evacuated the entire city of Ramona basically straight off the bat. It doesn't look good and all of San Diego is holed up in their homes just waiting to be evacuated...

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