Monday, October 15, 2007

Chaos Reigns

But that's to be expected. The MIL is still here and we are having a good time but the almost 6 yr old dd and the almost 11 yr old nephew have become antagonistical. They are so much like bother and sister, which makes sense, my mil took care of them for many years while their parents worked and they were treated as such. They miss each other terribly when apart but a 5 day visit hits its max at day 4. They are going to go back missing each other terribly in about 2 days. Such is life when one family moves away. We loved San Diego but the family drama is something we soooo do not miss! This visit has been very nice but I still love San Antonio and neither I nor my dh have any intention of going back.

The other drama? Ah that would be the dd's 6th b-day party scheduled for this Saturday, 5pm. On the schedule food catered by our favorite So Cal mex taqueria, a pinata, and a jumpy thing. On Friday after school we plan on taking the dd and 3 of her good friends to Libby Lu to get dolled up and do High School musical song and dance.

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