Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's DONE!

And we are sooo finished. We had a great time and could not believe how many people fit into the house and back yard. Really, it was INSANE. We didn't invite the whole classroom, maybe 12 or 13 plus our close neighbor friends. Oh and the 2 pinoy families we've met since we've been out here (love them!), I can't really call them neighbors when they aren't in our county but we go visit them whenever they have b-day parties for their kids! When the hubby was helping me set the food out and move the chairs he was like "Wow honey, now I know why you are so dead set on moving into a larger house with an 'open' floor plan". Every house we look at, every floor plan we see I look at evaluate the how the flow of traffic would move. There's a restaurant that we went to, Scenic Loop Bar and Grill, that has the perfect floor plan. He thought I was nuts when I got all excited sitting there, now I'm not so nuts. So back to the story, we had an insane amount of kids here, like 25 or so? I dunno, it was LOUD. They loved the jumpy (once I figured out that the back end tube wasn't tied off all the way and was making the thing collapse on the kids (freaked me out!!) and we didn't have any collisions until the last half hour or so. Not bad! I know several of the parents we had over live in homes that are at least twice the size of ours and they were undoubtedly thinking that they appreciate the size of their homes all the more after experiencing this mayhem. Wow, there were a lot of kids here. I'm sooo glad we didn't invite the whole class. The hubby's mom is a party thrower, 50, 100+ guests is common in her household so B is used to hosting these things (she has an open layout in her house). Still, he's not used to having them in his own home. He loves it because he was born and raised to but he's still totally blown. I think the main thing that makes it all worth it is that all of these people, even the parents we just met tonight, are really cool people. We found out one of the kid's good friend's family just moved here from Temecula (wow, small world) and another of her friends has a dad (and consequently the rest of the family) that has his heart set on getting a frenchie. He totally knew about FBRN! Very small world. Oh and since we invited whole families we even had some of the 'older' kids meet and have fun together, I think Will and R.J. ended up trading phone #'s. How cute is that?

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Kimberly said...

great party Michelle, we had a nice time. RJ proclaimed it the best party ever! WTG on that score. I was glad to see the older kids having fun, that is always a big concern of mine. Hope u get a chance to relax today after all the mayhem!