Sunday, October 28, 2007

Watercoloring & Stampin Up pens, Baby Oil and Prismas

Alright, I had to try my hand at it. And it was interesting. I'm not an artist and it's been awhile since I've even used a coloring book but it was fun. Bottom line, it's going to take some practice. This is the one Bella that I added to my order for my friend, SweetieBellas. I like the idea, I can't stand the background of the wood bench. It makes it too busy for my taste but it's still cute. A bitch to color but cute.

This is one of the Stampin' Up stamps I love and have no idea what I'm going to do with. No big, it's not like I let that stop me from buying the set. Like I need an excuse to spend money, pfft. She colored up with the Prismas a lot better than the SweetieBellas did. You're supposed to use odorless mineral spirits to move the color though and I used baby oil instead. I used to be a chemist, I really don't want to be sucking in fumes anymore. Really. So I'm going with the baby oil. BTW, I have a thing for the Ochre color Prisma has (the hat and the sand). I don't know why, it just does it for me.

And last but not least my first tries with the watercolor paper, SU pens, and the aquapainter. The one on the left was my first, had some issues but I got over it. The one on the right was actually started by my 6 yr old. Sadly it looks much better than mine. She did the pants, copying mine, and used too much water so it ran all over the paper. I cleaned it up some with the aquapainter and then she did the shirt too. I did the cats and her hair. Someday I hope to be as talented at coloring as my 6 yr old. Hey, a girl has gotta have goals.


Anonymous said...

So the baby oil works just like the gamasol?

MichelleSG said...

I don't know, I haven't used Gamsol! The baby oil works though but I think it takes longer to dry.

Stampin' Meg said...

I love that fuzzy blending that your 6 yr. old acheived. Looks like talent runs in the family :::smile:::