Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My box

Yeah yeah it's been like 2 whole days since I've posted, whatever. I figure after that last monologue you'd probably not come back anyway. I am obviously not for the faint of heart. So on a lighter note I've found another stamp place to toss my money at. Now don't get all wrapped up in the grammatical mistake here, she's fixing it. Papertrey stamps has a new set coming out on the 15th and she's posting samples on her blog for the next 5 days. I just love what she did with her aquapainter, so simple yet so pretty! So simple it makes one wonder "Why didn't I think of that?" Of course I've never really been one to think outside the box either, not much of an artistic mind going on here. Give me an example and I can reproduce it perfectly. Come up with it on my own? Not really my strong point. I like my box, it's nice in here.

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