Friday, October 5, 2007

I finally caved

I have a link to a blog here for Bella Stamps, a Canadian stamp maker named Emily. Her stamps are all of this skinny woman she calls Bella. Mind you I'm not usually into stamps that can really only be used for cards. I'm really all about multipurpose stamps. I also really don't like tall skinny models either, bad for the self image you know. Regardless, I still love these stamps. I have refrained from buying them but in the end, she offered free shipping. It's horrible, I fall for it every time. Just. Can't. Resist. I got CosmoBella (by far the most popular), JavaBellas, KittyCattaBella, PresentahBella, WinoBella, and a few sentiments. So I got on the Bellaholics Yahoo group and went to the photos section. Went though all 174 picture files to make sure I liked the examples of the ones I ordered. Obsessive much? Yeah, just a bit.

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