Thursday, May 1, 2008

The fascinating life

of prison. So the hubby obviously has days that are more interesting than mine. I mean I have to do cold calls all day. I'm just this side of faking an Indian accent I'm so bored. At least the hubby gets interaction with people, convicts though they may be. I find it interesting to learn about the way of life. And let me tell you it's a real different way of life. There are so many different levels of strangeness and these people are not all as dumb as one would think (scary, no?). I have decided that we could fix the health care and poverty problem of the US if these people just committed some heinous crime. They'd have a bed to sleep in, 3 balanced meals a day, play time, access to health care, all for free. Plus 10 hours a week of state mandated library time and their own school system. Oh and a well stocked craft section, metal, wood, and leather working. They are strip searched going in and out but hey, it is prison. Sure there is no freedom but you see these CNN articles about how there are people who are dying of cancer because they didn't have health insurance but if they were a convict they wouldn't have that problem. How jacked is that? Really no we pay like $500/month for health care and can barely survive. These guys have their own commissary where the soda is 40 cents and the bottled water is 20 cents. The average US citizen is getting jacked and that's all I have to say. If you have any burning questions about prison life feel free to ask in the comments section and I'll get the answer for you. It's like a reality show via blog!

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deckert said...

Oh that is just so messed up! Luckily my car wasn't jacked up by Jiffy lube or else I would've been going to jail for kicking some serious ass on those dumb mechanics there! It was done out of convenience and that will never happen again. Love my mechanic and they totally forgave me for cheating on them:)Let Brennan know that I would love to know if these guys really do get degrees in prison. Stay safe B!